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Original title: Time Bokan Series: Yattaman
Ganchan, Janet, Robbie Robbie, Miss Dronio, Boyakki, Tonzula, Doctor Dokrobei
Author: Tatsuo Yoshida
Production: Tatsunoko production
Regia: Hiroshi Sasagawa, Mamoru Oshii, Kouichi Mashimo, Noboru Ishiguro, Tomio Ashida
Country: Japan
Year: 1 January 1977
Broadcast in Italy: 1983
Gender: Anime / Science fiction / Robot
Episodes: 73
Duration: 108 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The Yattaman series was broadcast for the first time in Italy in 1983 on Rete 4 and belongs to the genre called Time Bokan. The Time Bokan anime (which can be translated as "the explosion of time") began in 1975 with the cartoon "Time Bokan - The time machine", produced by the studios of Tatsunoko (the same of Gatchaman, Hurricane Polimar e Kyashan). The theme that characterizes it is time travel with bizarre spaceships and robots, all seasoned with a demented comedy, which makes fun of the same too serious Japanese robots of the 70s, such as Grendizer, Jeeg Robot, Mazinger and many others. Yattaman belongs to the second series of Time Bokan and is the one that has achieved the greatest success, the others were: Zendaman, Time Patrol, Calendar Men (also very well known), Ippatsuman, Itadakiman and finally Kiramekiman, but many of them are never been broadcast in Italy.

The cartoon Yattaman consists of 108 episodes each lasting 23 minutes and has as protagonists the young pilots Ganchan and Janette, who together with their robot in the shape of a dice Robby-Robby, in each episode will have to try to recover the 4 fragments of the Dokrostone stone and fight against the evil (but hilarious) trio Doronbo composed of the sensual and wicked aspiring actress Miss Dronio, the mad and unfortunate engineer Boyakki and the strong and dull Tonzura. The mind of the trio, however, is Dr. Dokrobei, who works in the rear and through a magnetic tape, gives orders to his henchmen in order to recover the 4 fragments of the stone, because once gathered, they will form a map that will give them directions for discover a very precious treasure. The Yattaman team will be able to take advantage of different robots programmed on the basis of different strategic needs, even if at the time of their use (given the demeziality of the series) the choice will be entrusted to chance, with the roll of dice or riddles. Among the various machines, many of which are operated by spring devices, we find the Yattawan a kind of mechanical dog equipped with fire hydrants as in fire trucks, the Yattapellicano a kind of amphibian capable of running on water, the Yattapesce a submarine shaped like a frog, the Yattaking is an upgraded Yattawan that contains the vehicles Yattabull, Yattapanda and Yattadoiler inside. Do not forget the Yattacammello, Yattaelefante and Yattacampione. Each episode ends with the villains who fail the mission and leave the scene pedaling on a triple tandem, only to be inevitably punished by Doctor Dokrobei, with punishments as severe as they are bizarre and imaginative. The leader of the trio is undoubtedly Miss Dronio, evil and hysterical who pours all her frustrations into punching poor engineer Boyakki, guilty of designing failed machines. At the end of each episode Miss Dronio for one reason or another always ends up without clothes, as they are burned by some explosion. At the end of the series, once the Doronbo trio manages to recover the fragments of the Dokrostone stone and reassemble them, they will discover that the map is none other than the skull of Doctor Dokrobei himself, in fact the extraterrestrial had deceived Miss Dronio and companions with the dream of the coveted treasure, but in reality what he was looking for was a part of his body that had destroyed the 5 pieces due to the violent arrest on earth; once he has recomposed his body he will be able to return to his home planet. In addition to the famous theme song of the cartoon sung by the Knights of the King, it is also worth mentioning the other original and bizarre songs present in each episode.

Yattaman is copyright 1979 TATSUNOKO PRODUCTIONS All rights reserved.

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