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Zorro in the telefim with Guy Williams

Original title: Fox
Don Diego Vega: Zorro, Bernardo: servant, Lolita Pulido: Diego's girlfriend, Captain Ramon: Los Angeles boss, Sergeant Gonzales: Captain Ramon's right hand, Don Alejandro Vega: Diego's father
Author: Johnston McCulley
Country: United States
Year: 1919 mm
Gender: Adventure
Recommended age: For everyone

Fox Undoubtedly the most famous masked hero, of the adventurous characters and in addition to various films and TV series has also made its appearance in the world of comics and cartoons, it has also inspired the invention of superheroes such as Batman e Spiderman. The character of Zorro (which in Spanish means fox) was created in 1919 by the writer Johnston Mc Culley with the novel entitled "The Curse of Capistrano", published for the American magazine All Story Weekly . The following year in 1920 he landed on the cinema screens with the film "Il segno di Zorro"played by actor Douglas Fairbanks Senior, who achieved great public success. In 1940 there was another version of" The Mark of Zorro "this time played by American actor Tyrone Power (Romina Power's father).

La maschera di ZorroZorro's greatest popularity is undoubtedly due to the Walt Disney TV series, broadcast from 1957 to 1959 and played by the talented Guy Williams. The series is still broadcast today in a restored and colored version on Rai Due. In 1998 Zorro returned to the cinema screens with the film "The Mask of Zorro" played by Anthony Hopkins in the role of an elderly Zorro (but always smart), Antonio Banderas who plays the clumsy bandit Alejandro Murrieta and with a splendid Catherine Zeta Jones in his debut.
The adventures of Zorro are set in Spanish California at the beginning of the 1800s and have as protagonist the noble Don Diego de la Vega, who in order to defend the cause of the poor population, oppressed by a tyrant governor, disguises himself as The comics of ZorroZorro wearing a costume and a black mask and with great mastery in the use of the sword and the whip, always manages to defeat his enemies, who in most cases are represented by the soldiers of the Los Angeles garrison and the poor Sergeant Garcia, a burly and clumsy sergeant (actually more interested in food than in political matters) who is solely to blame for carrying out the orders of his superiors. There is also no shortage of bandits and scammers of the worst kind in the adventures. For every victory or to indicate his presence, Zorro always uses to leave the sign of the Z on some message or on the pants of some unfortunate enemy who has been defeated in a duel. The comics of ZorroThe only person who knows Zorro's secret is Diego de la Vega's Bernardo the deaf-mute butler, who most of the time pretends not to understand, but who if necessary becomes a very precious help to get Zorro out of trouble and to help hide his secret identity. Among the various characters we also remember Zorro's father and his girlfriend who do not suspect in the least of Diego's double identity.
As for the Zorro comics, in Italy they were published in the late 50s by Mondatori who resumed the American comics drawn by Warren Tufts and Alex Toth based on the scripts of the well-known TV series and some stories bear the signature of authoritative authors of the Italian comics like Guido Bozzelli and Lorenzo De Vita.
Zorro - Japanese cartoonThere is also the version of Zorro regarding the Japanese cartoon series entitled Keiketsu Zorro or Extraordinary Zorro, which was made by Mushi Productions in 1995 for a total of 52 episodes. In Italy it was broadcast in 1995 on Italia 1 and was also aired recently in the summer of 2003. However, there are substantial differences between the classic Zorro and this cartoon version, in fact Diego de la Vega is blond and has no the mustache, but he is a boy of about 16, clumsy and very much in love with the beautiful Lolita who in turn is very much in love with Zorro and therefore is not aware of Diego's secret identity.Zorro - Japanese cartoon Bernardo then, is not deaf and dumb, but a child of about 8 years old, who knows the true identity of Zorro and helps him in his exploits, also disguising himself as a little Zorro. In this version, Zorro's steed is a beautiful white horse (in the original version it is black) called lightning. His archenemy is Colonel Gabriel, while Sergeant Garcia is often an ally and accomplice of the oppressed people, even if he always represents the funny and comic side of the series.

Zorro's character, names, images and trademarks are copyright Johnston Mc Culley - Walt Disney and those entitled to it. Vthey are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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