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El Cid la leyenda

El Cid - the legend

El CidOn November 12, the Spanish animated film "El Cid - the legend", produced by Julio Fern ndez and directed by Josè Pozo, will be released in cinemas. The cartoon is based on the famous epic poem by Cid Campeador, set at the time of the "reconquista", the heroic period in which the Christian rulers of the Iberian peninsula reconquered the region, rescuing it from the dominion of the Arabs.
Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar a young feudal lord of Alfonso VI of Castile is a very good friend of Sancho, El Cid and Gimenathe successor to the throne of Spain as the eldest of the king's sons. Rodrigo is secretly in love with Gimena, the daughter of Duke Alferez, who is opposed to their engagement because he doesn't look favorably on the young Rodrigo. On the death of King Fernando, Sancho is assassinated by his brother Alfonso's assassins, who thus inherits the throne. Rodrigo rebels and is unjustly accused of having appropriated some taxes due to his king, therefore he is expelled from the kingdom, with the confiscation of assets and no one will be able to grant him help or hospitality. Rodrigo Diaz leaves his castle, his beloved Gimena and with a small group of men, crosses the borders of Castile and ventures into the dangerous lands of the Arabs. El CidHere, thanks to the help of the Arab prince Al-Mutamin, he will fight against the army of the terrible Ben Yussuf, conquer castles, increase his fame and legions of faithful will follow him. Still in the name of the king of Spain, he will take over the city of Valencia and give rise to a new Christian principality. He will be feared by his Arab enemies who will call him El Cid Campeador, Our Lord the Champion. After glorious battles, always recognizing himself as a subject of the king, he will resume his journey home and towards his beloved Gimena.


El Cid
Original title: 
El Cid: La leyenda
90 '
Directed by: 
Jose Pozo
Official site:
Julio Fern ndez
Exit : 
November 12, 2004


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