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Coraline and the magic doorFrom June 19, 2008, the stop motion animated film "Coraline and the Magic Door" directed by Henry Selick will be released in cinemas. The film is based on the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, drawn by Dave McKean and winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Bram Stoker awards.

The story begins when little Coraline Jones moves with her parents to an old country house in the town of Ashland, Oregon. Coraline is an only child and her parents pay no attention to her, as they spend hours behind their computer monitors for work reasons. To the bored and curious little girl, all that remains is to turn around in search of some diversion, so she will make the acquaintance with Wybie, a strange, talkative boy, with a modest air and perpetually bent head. He gives Coraline, an old doll, belonging to her grandmother, which resembles her in an impressive way, with the particularity of having two black buttons instead of eyes.
Wybie is not the only bizarre neighbor, as Coraline will meet Mrs. Spink and Mrs. Forcible, two elderly theater actresses, who delight in predicting the future and with Bobinski, an extravagant and acrobatic mouse trainer. jumpers.
Coraline and the magic doorOne day to defeat boredom Coraline, she decides to count all the doors and windows of the new house. At a certain moment hidden by the wallpaper, she discovers a small square door. He insistently asks his mother to open that little door, which pleases her in order to leave her alone, but to her great disappointment she discovers that the opening has been bricked up. That same night Coraline is awakened by the jumping mice, who take refuge inside that little door. Coraline follows them and discovers that the wall that prevented access has disappeared and in its place there is a very long tunnel. Intrigued and armed with a good dose of courage, Coraline sneaks into that hole and escapes into a house resembling hers. He also finds his parents, but it is not their parents who look good as they have black buttons instead of eyes and behave in a decidedly opposite way. She soon realizes that she has ended up in a world parallel to the real one, which is much more interesting and fantastic. His "other mother" cooks delicious dishes and his "other father" is a cheerful pianist who composes songs in his honor. Coraline is treated with all kinds of respect and even her bedroom is equipped with amazing talking toys. After falling asleep in that fabulous bed, Coraline wakes up in her real world and realizes it was just a dream. Her real parents continue to be monotonous and busy with their work, but they ask Coraline to be understanding with them as she is struggling with an extraordinary job, compiling a long list of catalogs that must be delivered in a short time. time. Coraline can't wait for the night to come and so she puts some crumbs of cheese in the doorway of her bedroom, in order to attract the jumping mice. These arrive punctually during the night and lead the way to Coraline, who once again has the opportunity to enter that door. He thus finds that alternative world, so magical and fantastic where even his neighbors are even more bizarre.
Coraline and the magic doorMeet another Wybie also with the distinction of having two black buttons instead of eyes, but being the opposite of real life, in this parallel world he is completely silent. Coraline also attends the shows of the elderly Mrs. Spink and Mrs. Forcible, who here are very young and acrobatic trapeze artists and Mr. Bobinski who performs a stunning show with his jumping mice.
Coraline discovers that she can cross the threshold of that world every night, so she gets excited about this new experience, but with each new date she always discovers something disturbing. Her "alternative" parents have an increasingly oppressive and obsessive affection, to the point of wanting to force her to change her eyes with black buttons, identical to theirs. This terrifies Coraline, who unfortunately realizes too late that she has been a prisoner of that world and that she can no longer cross the door that connects her to the real world. The only one able to help her will be a black cat, a character who can transit between the two worlds.
A visionary and fantastic film of the caliber of masterpieces such as "Nightmare before Christmas" is "The Corpse Bride", which stands out for the spectacular stereoscopic 3D animation technique, which involves the viewer more in the gloomy world. Although it is a film for children, it is recommended to watch it accompanied by an adult, as especially in the final part there are some very threatening scenes, worthy of a horror film.

Coraline and the magic door
Original title: Coraline
Country: USA
Year: 2009
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 100 '
Directed by: Henry Selick
Production:Laika Entertainment, Pandemonium
Exit : 19 June 2009


Coraline and the Magic Door is copyright Laika Entertainment, Pandemonium - UIP
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