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Puppies Some Group

From the producers of Italian Greyhound Puppies , four years after the film The Marco Polo code , the March 27 the animated film will be released in theaters Puppies and the country of the wind, the long-awaited sequel that still sees the six inseparable friends in action in an exciting new adventure against the historic antagonist Maga Cornacchia.

The Cuccioli live in Soffio, better known as the Land of the Wind: a small town where everything, absolutely everything, works thanks to wind energy. The perfidious Crow Sorceress wants to take over the 'Girandolona' that generates the wind, thus taking control of the city. Will Crow Maga's infernal machines be enough to defeat the Cubs?

An action-packed family film with many moments in which the audience is invited to participate, with fantastic characters and hilarious gags, to also underline the importance of renewable energy through humor and adventure. 80 minutes of emotions seasoned with 80 minutes of laughter!


Puppies Some Group

On board their hot air balloon the Cubs are approaching Soffio, a village in the mountains where everything works thanks to the force of the wind, and where King Cyclone reigns, a bizarre character who has his talking tail as his adviser !

In Soffio our 6 friends meet the Keeper of the Wind, a turtle who controls the cave where the Girandolona is kept, from which the wind necessary to make the city come alive.

The meeting between the Keeper of the Wind and Senzanome is moving: the turtle in fact remembers how he got acquainted with the little chick that, just out of the egg, was taking its first steps a little hesitant, since there was no mother waiting for him The Keeper of the Wind in fact noticed that the chick was unable to speak and explained to him how to use signs to communicate.

Meanwhile, in a dusty cave under a volcano, we see Cuncun and Canbaluc appear, the two foolish henchmen of Maga Cornacchia. The wicked sorceress wants to destroy the town of Breath and to do this she is building some infernal machines that will also be driven by the force of the wind. To transport the infernal machines from his lair to the town of Soffio Maga Cornacchia, however, he needs a means of transport that can contain them all ... and here is his idea!

Puppies Some Group

The sorceress enters the Nameless Sign Depot and steals her first toy, the little yellow robot in the shape of a chick! With a magic Crow Sorceress she transforms Nameless's toy and makes it bigger than a huge airplane! In this way he can use it to transport his infernal machines to Breath. But first he has to steal the Girandolona from the Keeper of the Wind because, as you know, the machines of Maga Cornacchia work with the force of the wind.

Meanwhile, in the house where the Cubs are sleeping peacefully, Senzanome wakes up with a start because he has dreamed that someone has stolen one of his signs! Portable tries to reassure him but Senzanome decides to go and check and unfortunately realizes that someone has really stolen the sign with his first toy, the little yellow robot-chick. On the floor there is a black pen that immediately makes one think of the Sorceress Cornacchia

The Cubs go to the Keeper of the Wind, inform him of what has happened and show him the pen they found. The Keeper of the Wind tells them to be careful because, a long time ago, when Nameless was out of its egg, there was a black bird flying over the nest.

Unfortunately, Sorceress Cornacchia, who has listened to everything, imprisons the Keeper of the Wind and manages to take possession of the Girandolona and stop the mechanism that creates the wind. Suddenly all the cars, the windmills, the rides of the children of Soffio stop, while the advance of the infernal machines against the town begins! On board the yellow robot it has now become a Giant Toy - there is Crow Maga who begins to destroy some windmills.

Puppies Some Group

Looking at the giant and scary flying robot, Cyclone King and the villagers cannot believe their eyes and imprison the Cubs, believing them responsible for the destruction of their city! Thanks to the cunning and the signs of Senzanome, the Cubs manage to escape and reach the Giant Toy, just as the infernal machines of Maga Cornacchia continue in the work of destruction of the town.

We are now inside the Giant Toy: Cylinder, Diva and the Keeper of the Wind are placed on top of powerful catapults to be thrown overboard. Meanwhile, over the head of the giant robot, an exciting duel takes place between Senzanome and Maga Cornacchia. The sorceress uses all her spells to get rid of the chick, while the little Nameless puts out her cunning and all her signs to avoid being beaten. The battle is uneven and the evil sorceress manages to capture him and tie him to a balloon, to make him fly far away. For our little chick it seems all over when here is an unexpected event that reverses the situation: Crow Maga crashes right on top of one of the catapults and the Cubs are very quick to take advantage of the opportunity to throw it far away

And Senzanome?!? While the chick falls, the giant robot recognizes it and in a fit of goodness saves it, placing it safely in the arms of the Keeper of the Wind.

The Girandolona is promptly put back in its place and Soffio returns to work as before, even better than before, and the Giant Toy becomes the new means of transport for the Cubs who, lulled by the wind, go away.

But someone from below observes them. She is the mother of Senzanome who was saved from the claws of Maga Cornacchia and is now looking for her chick. And the director assures us that sooner or later, or rather sooner rather than later, he will find it

The direction

The main occupation of SERGIO MANFIO, who wrote and directed this film, is to take as much time as possible to become an `` adult '', and it is for this reason that he spends most of the day writing, acting, making television, inventing games for children. children. As the essay says comments the director working for children I work for myself! These two years of work have been very intense but I am happy with the wonderful team work that has been done for the realization of this second film with the Cubs.

Yes: the second film! In fact before Puppies is the land of the wind Sergio Manfio had written the story and directed the animated film Puppies - Marco Polo's code (2010), but also of the mixed media film (live action + animation) And yet it moves (2008).

Among the cartoon series for TV that he conceived, wrote and directed, we mention the exciting adventures of Italian Greyhound Puppies (156 x 13 ) and those of the young Tuscan genius Leonardo (26 x 13 , with another 26 episodes in production); the incredible stories of And yet it moves (52 x 10 ), the mysteries of Slash:// (26 x 20 ) and the project H2Ooooh!(32 x 3 ), on the protection of the world's water heritage, which was created in collaboration with UNESCO.

Original title: Puppies and the land of the wind
Country: Italy
Year: 2014
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 80 '
Directed by: Sergio Manfio
Voice actors:The kitten Olly: MONICA WARD
The Diva duck: LAURA LENGHI
The Portable Dog: PAOLO LOMBARDI
The Cylinder rabbit: EDOARDO NEVOLA
The frog Pio: GIGI PINK
The Keeper of the Wind: STEFANO MONDINI
Official site:
Production:Group Some
Distribution: 01 Distribution
Exit : January 22, 2010
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