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Puppies - The Marco Polo codeThe story begins with the Sorceress Cornacchia, who hates the city of Venice, because in her youth when she was still an inexperienced sorceress, she awkwardly fell into the lagoon making all the advice of the Magi present laugh. Having reached the Palazzo della Magia, an ancient monastery in the Himalayas, where all the secrets of oriental magic of the last 5.000 years are kept, she wants to return to Venice with the aim of draining the lagoon and making it a normal city, with paved roads and cars, instead of canals and gondolas. The only possibility to stop his absurd plan is to recover the ancient Code of Marco Polo, where the instructions for identifying, and entering, the magical Palazzo di Venezia, located under the Rialto Bridge, are indicated, where all the magic formulas able to prevent the spells of the Crow Sorceress are stored. In the century in which Marco Polo lived, the merchants of Venice who were returning from the East knew of the existence of the Palazzo della Magia in the Himalayas and under the lagoon they had rebuilt an identical one, equipped with the same magic. Unfortunately, to get the Code, you must have the stone pass that the Great Khan had given to Marco Polo and that the ancient legend has it, which was left by the explorer in the Kebab Oasis, which is located in Asia Minor. The Cuccioli Olly, Cilindro, Diva, Pio, Senzanome and Portable do not give up in the face of any difficulty, therefore in order to save Venice from the evil witch, they undertake the difficult and risky journey, which leads them to abandon their commitments. Puppies - The Marco Polo codeThe cat Olly was doing an internship with the Chicago Police; the duck Diva was busy parading as a model in the Paris fashion shows; the Cilindro rabbit has found a job as the bodyguard of a well-known Hollywood actress and the frog Pio is ready for his debut as a reality actor in "The Big Nose". The Cubs make a stop in London in order to equip themselves with various technological devices worthy of the best secret agent 007, then begin their journey that will take them in search of the stone to pass, at the Kebab Oasis, Asia Minor. The cartoon is a succession of roccambolesque and amusing scenes, exciting explorations, with battles with no holds barred of magic for the hunt for the Code, against The Crow witch who will field any spell to carry out her diabolical project.

The "Cuccioli" series was born almost 10 years ago from an idea of ​​the volcanic brothers Francesco and Sergio Manfio, who with their company GRUPPO ALCUNI, headquartered in Treviso, confirm themselves as leaders in the production of animated series dedicated to young people ( among the latest hits broadcast on Rai 2, as well as "Italian Greyhound Puppies", we can remember"Leonardo"and the mixed technique series"And yet it moves")

Prize giving
Sunday 4 September 2011 at 21,45 pm at the Lancia Cafè - Hotel Excelsior the Kinèo Award "Diamanti al Cinema" will be awarded to the animated feature film "CUCCIOLI - IL CODICE DI MARCO POLO" in the BEST ANIMATION category with this motivation: "For bringing the language of cross-media in the universe of animation, involving viewers in a creative path that no longer sees them as mere users but protagonists of the magical moment of suspension of credulity. "

The objective of the Kinèo "Diamanti al Cinema" Prize is to enhance those works which, together with the artistic requirements, have at the same time the strength to involve the public, attract them to cinemas or in front of television screens and subsequently to other exploitation channels . Ultimately, those works capable of enchanting the viewer and corroborating the industry of the sector.

The feature film "Cuccioli - Il Codice di Marco Polo", directed by Sergio Manfio, was co-produced by Gruppo Some and the Spanish Grupo Edebé and was distributed in cinemas last year, registering immediate success both from the critical point of view. that of public satisfaction.

The Kinèo Award "Diamanti al Cinema" therefore represents a prestigious recognition to a made in Italy product, born from the fertile creative mind of the brothers Sergio and Francesco Manfio, a film that represents the successful development of the highly successful cartoon series "Cuccioli", broadcast on Rai channels. To date, the productions of Gruppo Some are sold in over 50 countries around the world, and the film alone has already been distributed in 30 countries. The Treviso factory is also involved in the pre-production of the sequel to the film, entitled “Senzanome nel Paese del Vento”.

The Kinèo “Diamanti al Cinema” Award was created on the initiative of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, is promoted by Kinèo and is created in collaboration, among others, with Rai Trade. Since last year the various prizes awarded to Italian films have been accompanied by a special recognition of the most beloved animation, and it is in this context that the Manfio brothers' film is awarded.

Original title: Puppies - The Marco Polo Code
Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 94 '
Directed by: Sergio Manfio
Voice actors:Monica Ward, Laura Lenghi, Edoardo Nevola, Gigi Rosa, Paola Giannetti, Paolo Lombardi, Gerolamo Alchieri, Pino Ammendola
Production:Some Group, Edeb Group
Distribution: 01 Distribution
Exit : January 22, 2010
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