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Dragon Trainer 2
How to Train Your Dragon 2

Hiccup and the Toothless dragonThe sequel to the successful animated film How to Train Your Dragon of 2010 is coming to the big screen, the first chapter taken from the homonymous children's book. The second chapter will be released in Italian cinemas on 16th August 2014. This time the only director is Dean Deblois who brought to life what appears to have become a true masterpiece of 3D animation.

The scenario, compared to the first episode, has changed, after all 5 years have passed and the young and lively Hiccup is no longer a boy. The opening bars of the film take place in the village of Berk where both humans and dragons now coexist in perfect harmony. These are used as work or companion animals, as well as animals for sports competitions, but always in full respect. We are therefore far from the dark scenes, at least for now, of the first part of this trilogy. However, the problems are not long in coming. Hiccup, in fact, is experiencing a particular moment in his life. Having now come of age, he finds himself having to reflect on taking the role of his father's Viking leader. The latter, in fact, oppresses the boy, inducing him to make a decision, a decision that Hiccup does not feel like making yet as he does not know if he is ready for that role or not. These are the classic perplexities that overwhelm all adolescents and that result in a strong spirit of rebellion against their parents.

Hiccup - How to Train Your Dragon 2Hiccup, however, has his trusted friend Toothless on his side, in the original version, Toothless in the Italian version, the toothless dragon that had accompanied him in the adventures of the first episode. While the two friends and the beautiful Astrid investigate a fire, by chance, they end up among the remains of an ancient fortress among blocks of blue ice. In these disturbing places they have a not too pleasant meeting with the dragon hunter Eret. The latter accuses them of having destroyed his fort. He then tries to steal their dragons from the boys to give them to Drago Bludvist, a crucial character in the development of the plot. In fact, he is organizing an army of dragons to set out to conquer new territories. Hiccup and Astrid return to the village and warn Stoick of the impending danger. The latter tells the two boys that Drago is an old acquaintance, unfortunately. He is in fact an exalted madman who feels no reason, a warmonger and an ambitious conqueror.

Hiccup still wants to avoid the war and sets off in search of Drago, hoping to distract him from his intent. During the search, however, he is captured by a mysterious character, Valka, a masked knight. Here is the first big surprise of the film. When Hiccup asks the knight - Should I know you? - he replies in a female voice that no, he cannot remember because he was very small, but that a mother never forgets her child. Valka is revealed to be Hiccup's mother disappeared when he was still very young. Valka is very familiar with the dragons she has freed from Drago's traps for 20 years. Stoick also meets the wife he thought he had lost forever. The family is now reunited and can fight together. But the war begins and in this first great battle between Drago and Valka he is the first to win. But this is just the beginning of the action. Things between Hiccup and Toothless are destined to quickly fall apart, putting their friendship to the test. However, there will be a happy ending.

In this sequel is a combination of feelings, teachings and life lessons, including that of overcoming difficulties due to disability. The whole is represented with impeccable graphics, with scenes that really seem to be shot by a steadycam. A real jewel of 3D animation, not only for the little ones.

Original title: 
How to Train Your Dragon 2
3D animation - Fantasy
105 '
Directed by: 
Dean DeBlois
Official site: 
DreamWorks Animation, Mad Hatter Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment
Twentieth Century Fox
Exit date: 
August 16, 2010


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