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Eco Planet - A planet to save

Sam - Eco Planet - A planet to save Sam (Samuel Johnson Junior)
Eco Planet - A planet to save Golden Network Asia, Moviemax

Eco Planet is a planet to be saved (original title Echo Planet) will be in Italian cinemas from 18 July 2013. The animated film, lasting approximately 81 , is directed by Kompim Kemgumnrid, a name already known in the sector, for the animation of feature films such as Tarzan, Atlantis e The ice age. Produced by the Thai Golden Network Asia and distributed by Kantana Group, it was released in Thailand in August 2012, representing a real historical triumph of Thai animation, and a first in the use of 3D animation. Italy is the only country, after Thailand, to have distributed the film, thanks to Moviemax.

Three kids and a brilliant plan to save the world in a fight against time!
The whole of humanity risks extinction and the Earth is in danger. Global warming, in fact, has generated the frightening Beasts of Fire, which, from the major cities, are spreading around the world leading to its destruction. We need a large-scale solution! Leaders of governments from around the planet gather in a global meeting and, by mutual agreement, rally around the decision of the President of Capital State to use cooling missiles called Cold Bomb. All, however, are unaware of the fact that the technology of these weapons will irreparably damage the ozone layer.
At the same time, in the heart of the jungle, Sam (Samuel Johnson Junior), the President's son, gets lost during an excursion with a group of scouts, suddenly falling into a hole in the ground and ending up in another dimension: the true and profound soul of the earth.

Nora and Sam - Eco Planet - A planet to save Nora and Sam
Eco Planet - A planet to save Golden Network Asia, Moviemax

He is saved by two special brothers, Nora and Kim (Norva and Jorpe in the original version), who live in symbiosis with the earth and its creatures. Kim has the gift of talking to animals and plants, Nora is an expert in local herbs and martial arts.
Nature, with her deep lament, gives Kim a desperate cry not to succumb. He confides in him the solution to be able to stop the Beasts of Fire: to starve them by cutting off the electricity, without using any kind of weapon. Non-violence and the elimination of the power of technology, in fact, are the solutions for a life in harmony with Nature. In this way the three children, on an epic journey from the deep jungle of Northern Thailand, will arrive in the chaos of the modern megalopolis, invaded by enemies, and will devise a plan of action to make good triumph over evil, bringing the planet to safety. .

Kim - Eco Planet - A planet to save Kim
Eco Planet - A planet to save Golden Network Asia, Moviemax

The 3D animation and its ecological soul make the film a true manifesto of the use of non-violence and respect for nature. The settings in the deep and wild jungle, enhanced by computer graphics, have a strong visual impact on the public of children (and adults). Immersed in the heart of unspoiled nature, spectators are also drawn to a part of the planet in stark contrast to the whirlwind of modern metropolises. The adventurous, sincere and disinterested spirit of the three children make them real heroes who, supported by the echo of the Planet, undertake the universal enterprise of the salvation of the World. Only by listening to the spirit of the planet with a pure ear and with a sincere environmentalist and ecologist soul can humanity evolve, giving and receiving respect from our planet.

Italian poster for the film Eco Planet - A planet to save
Original title: Echo Planet
Country: Thailand
Year: 2012
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 81 '
Directed by: Kompim Kemgumnird
Production: Golden Network Asia
Distribution: Moviemax
Exit date:July 25, 2013 (cinema)


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