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Sasha and the North Pole - The animated film

Italian poster of Sasha and the North Pole

Sasha and the North Pole (Tout en haut du monde in the French original) is an animated film that will be released in Italian cinemas starting from 4 Maggio 2017. Directed by director R mi Chay and co-produced by SACREBLEU PRODUCTIONS, MAYBE MOVIES, 2 MINUTES, FRANCE 3 CIN MA, N RLUM is the winner of the Audience Award at the Annecy Festival. The film was also presented at the Future Film Festival.

St. Petersburg, 1882. Sasha, a very young Russian aristocrat, dreams of the Great North and pines for her grandfather Oloukine, a renowned explorer of the Arctic who never returned from his last expedition to conquer the North Pole. Oloukine has passed on her calling to Sasha, but the girl's parents are planning to marry her soon, and have already organized the wedding for her. But Sasha rebels against this fate and decides to leave in search of Oloukine, towards the Great North


Sacha is a 14 year old girl. Born into an aristocratic family in St. Petersburg, Russia, she has a real adoration for her grandfather Oloukine, who often tells her about his expeditions. Sacha lives in a large palace on the banks of the Neva, the river that crosses the city. For two years now, Oloukine has set out to conquer the North Pole on his magnificent boat, the Davaï. Sacha inherited courage and tenacity from her grandfather and is ready to risk everything to find him. He will embark on a great adventure on the long road to the North.

Sacha's grandfather is a captain in the Russian navy and a skilled explorer who has spent most of his life at sea, engaged in numerous exploits. He hasn't been very present for his children, but he is a little more present for his niece, little Sacha, whom he adores. He is a real tough guy and his dream has always been the conquest of the North Pole, for which he is ready to expose himself to any risk. He is very determined and never hesitates to say what he thinks, even to the powerful, which is why he made some enemies at the Tsar's palace.

Grandson of the Tsar, he was recently appointed scientific advisor. He is a schemer, perfectly at home in palace plots. Due to an old story - Oloukine insulted his uncle - he doesn't want the Academy of Sciences library to be called the Oloukine Library. He will use Sacha's misstep as a pretext to create a scandal and discredit the Tchernetsov family. THE MOTHER OF SACHA Daughter of Oloukine and mother of Sacha, she knows little about her father, absent for most of his childhood. Raised in the aristocratic tradition, she obeys her husband and tries to protect her daughter, even though she knows very well that Sacha has inherited her grandfather's stubborn and smoking character.

Sacha's father is a senior official in the Russian administration. He hopes to be appointed Ambassador of Russia to Rome. When Prince Tomsky, the Tsar's nephew, announces his visit to the palace, he imagines his appointment is imminent. In addition, his daughter Sacha seems to please the prince ... in short, an excellent marriage is expected, which will bind the Tchernetsov family to that of the Tsar.

He runs a hotel in the Arkhangelsk port. Accustomed to keeping up with the North Sea sailors who dock at the port, she has a strong and quite agitated character. Almost moved by Sacha's desperation, she offers her the chance to work for her at the hotel and will help her board Lund's ship.

Lund is the captain of the Norge, a ship that transports goods from port to port of the North Seas. He is a man who speaks little and his crew respects him. He's pretty hard on his brother Larson. Both have inherited the ship from their father, but it is Lund who commands it thanks to his seriousness and qualities as a sailor.

He is Lund's brother. He is a playful, a bit seductive and a little scoundrel. He always puts himself in "difficult" situations, from which his brother then pulls him out. When Lund is wounded, he will take his place in command of the ship and demonstrate all his qualities.

Katch is a boy, a young apprentice sailor, who takes care of the most "annoying" tasks - cleans the deck, peels the potatoes. He's being tough, but he's still a kid.


Sacha was born into an aristocratic family from St. Petersburg

Sacha is courageous and tenacious and is ready to face a trip to the North Pole

Sasha and her grandfather Oloukine

Katch the hub, Sasha's friend

Sasha at the North Pole

Original title: Tout en haut du monde
France, Denmark
81 '
Directed by:
R mi Chay
PFA Films Srl
Exit :
May 04, 2017 (cinema)

Video trailer Sasha and the North Pole

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