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Shaun the Sheep - The Movie

Farm life is starting to get boring. Day after day, the Farmer tells Shaun what to do; so, Shaun concocts a plan to take a day off: but you have to be careful what you want! Together with the flock, he elaborates a brilliant idea: one after the other, the sheep jump over the fence so that the Farmer, counting them, dozes off. Then, moving silently, they take him to an old caravan parked in a corner of the field, recreating all the typical conditions of the night. When Bitzer discovers them, the omelette is now done; they then try to bring the Farmer out of the trailer which, at that point, begins to move, heading hastily towards the road, with the Farmer wrapped in a deep sleep still inside. Bitzer sets off in pursuit of the trailer, which heads straight towards the Big City. Shaun and the herd remain at the farm, but chaos takes over: Bitzer and the Farmer are no longer seen. At that point, they decide to go in search of the two to remedy the problem they have created. Will Shaun find the Farmer before he is lost forever?.


Shaun the Sheep film is copyright Aardman Animations, Anton Capital Entertainment, StudioCanal
and of those entitled and are used here exclusively for cognitive and informative purposes.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Shaun the Sheep Movie
REGIA: Mark Burton, Richard Starzack
PRODUCER: Aardman Animations, Anton Capital Entertainment, StudioCanal
GENRES: Animated puppets
EXIT: February 12 2015 (cinema)
IShaun the Sheep Pictures - The Movie

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