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Spider Man 2

Spider-Man 2Hold on tight cause the new Spider-Man movie is coming out, Spiderman the famous comic book superhero created by Stan Lee in 1962. The Spider-Man 2 movie was directed by the same director of the previous film, Sam Raimi, as well as the cast of the main actors with Tobey Maguire always in the role of Peter Parker (aka Spider -Man) and Kirsten Dunst as the beautiful Mary Jane, Peter's great love. To these was added Alfred Molina in the role of the very bad mad scientist Doctor Octopus who will give us spectacular fights against the acrobatic Spider-Man. The film released in America on July 4th broke all the box office records for the first day of screening with a whopping 40,5 million dollars and it could not be otherwise, given that it was also one of the most expensive films in Hollywood. 210 million dollars were spent on its construction. Spider-Man 2But the credit of this film does not go so much to the superlative and amazing special effects (which are also its strong point), as to the script and the plot that outlines the psychological profile of the protagonist, that of a student like many struggling with his little big daily dramas, linked above all to his affective and working sphere. Only for its sentimental and introspective aspect, this film has been considered a narrative masterpiece as the double identity of Peter Parker is represented a bit like the same schizophrenia of all of us, who very often are forced to wear different masks in order to survive. to everyday life. For those who have not seen the first Spider-Man film (very important to understand the origin of the character) we remember that Peter Parker is a biology student (orphan of his parents lives with his uncles) who after being bitten by a radioactive spider , undergoes an alteration of its genetic code, Spider-Man 2acquiring superpowers similar to those that a human-sized spider would have: he finds himself having surprising agility, he can climb walls with his hands, has a much higher than average strength and thanks to his chemistry studies he is able to devise a special liquid able to solidify and become super resistant, which will allow him, through a device located in the wrists, to shoot cobwebs and climb the skyscrapers of New York as if they were the lianas of the Tarzan forest. His sense of justice and the fight against criminals was born after the absurd killing of his uncle, for whom he feels responsible for not using his superpowers. But all this has created many problems for him, as he has to keep his double identity hidden. One of these is linked to his great love Mary Jane, in fact Peter Parker feels he cannot share a life with the girl as he would risk putting his life in danger, always threatened by supervillains of the worst kind, but Mary Jane is not to knowledge of all this and their relationship goes into crisis. Then comes the one with his great friend Harry Osbourne, son of the supervillain Goblin (protagonist of the first film)Spider-Man 2 who has sworn revenge against Spider-Man, according to him, for the death of his father. To pay for his studies and the rent of the house, Peter Parker, now that he no longer lives with his aunt May as well as working as a photographer for the Daily Bugle, works as a pizza holder in the streets of New York. To all these problems is added that of the supervillain who threatens New York, or the scientist Doctor Octopus, friend of his former science teacher who Peter Parker admired for his intelligence. The scientist became evil after the failure of his experiment on alternative energy, along his back steel tentacles come out that he can control thanks to a microchip connected to the brain, hence the nickname of Octopus (which translated means Octopus) . Doctor Octopus will kidnap Aunt May and Mary Jane in order to lure Spider-Man into a death trap. The clash between the two will be full of thrilling scenes and special effects. To give a hand to the dynamics of the actions there is also the splendid soundtrack by Danny Elfman who gave the film the right phatos even for the sentimental scenes.

Spider-Man 2
Original title: 
Spider-Man 2
Adventure Action Science Fiction
125 '
Directed by: 
Sam Raimi
Avi Arad, Stan Lee, Laura Ziskin
Columbia Tristar
Exit : 
September 17, 2004


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