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Ninja Turtles - the movie

Everything is ready for the great return to the cinemas of the live action animated film Ninja turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), which will be released in all American theaters starting next 8 August. In Europe we will have to wait until September 18, 2014 to see the turtles return to the big screen.

The plot will surely entertain fans of the historic cartoon of the Ninja turtles. The story takes place in the center of New York, where the fearsome Shredder, leader of the Clan of the Foot, dominates the entire city and forces it into total darkness. Only four humanoid turtles, the Ninja Turtles, can counteract such oppression, which has caused a group of thugs to control the police and politics as well. The four are helped by the beautiful journalist April O'Neil, who is initially saved by Raphael from Shredder's attempt to kill her. Turtles are repeatedly attacked by various portions of the Foot Clan and often their lives are at risk. April is home to the mutant turtles, but her apartment is on fire and everyone moves in with her relatives. Meanwhile, the mouse Splinter, best friend of the Turtles, is in grave danger, but they manage to free him and Shredder will be defeated, with April who will marry the photographer Casey, who is also very important for the fate of the story.

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, former director of The Fury of the Titans, the film will see the presence of a cast full of international stars. Four o'clock ninja turtles best known in the world will be interpreted by Noel Fisher (Michelangelo) Pete Ploszek (Leonardo) Jeremy Howard (Donatello) and Alan Ritchson (Raffaello). Among other actors, too Megan FoxWhoopi Goldberg Will Arnett. It is the remake of the historian Ninja Turtles to the rescue, dating back to 1990. Furthermore, it was made on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the first comic of the historic saga in May 1984. The film will be a mix of action and CGI in 3D and is produced by Platinum Dunes of Michael Bay, the same manufacturer of the long saga of Transformers. The characteristics of the four fighting reptiles refer to the well-known animated television series that was broadcast until 2003, with Leonardo corresponding to a samurai, Raphael is an unscrupulous fighter, Donatello is able to fix anything and Michelangelo is the most playful. The release of the film has already been anticipated by a series of videos, posters, images and the official trailer, released on March 27 last.

Ninja turtles - the movie
Original title:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Country:  USA
Year:  2014
Gender:  Animation, Fantastic, Action
Directed by:  Jonathan Liebesman
Official site:
Production: Platinum Dunes, Gama Entertainment Partners, Nickelodeon Movies
Distribution: Universal Pictures Italy
Exit :  18 September 2014


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