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Toca Boca coloring pages

Toca Boca, founded by Emil Ovemar and Björn Jeffery in 2010, is a Swedish developer of mobile games for children, known for its Toca Life app. The name Toca Boca, which means "touch your mouth" in Spanish, comes from their logo design which depicts a face with an open mouth. A web series based on the game, titled Toca Life Stories, launched in 2020, focusing on four friends, Rita, Zeke, Nari, and Leon, who try to beat boredom in their town, OK Street.

On the Cartoons Online website, Toca Boca coloring pages are available, which include these characters and scenes from the game and the web series. These drawings allow children to express their creativity by coloring Toca Life characters and scenes.

10 creative uses with Toca Boca coloring pages

Decorations for Themed Parties: Use the colorful drawings as decorations for a Barbie themed party. They can be hung on the walls or used as placemats for the table.

Personalized Greeting Cards: Turn drawings into homemade greeting cards, perfect for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions.

Fridge Magnets: Glue a magnetic sheet to the back of the colorful designs to create personalized refrigerator magnets.

DIY Puzzle: After coloring the drawings, glue them onto cardboard and cut them into pieces to create a personalized puzzle.

Covers for Notebooks and Diaries: Use the colorful drawings as covers for notebooks or diaries, gluing them onto the cover and covering them with cling film to protect them.

Prints on Fabric: Transfer colorful designs to fabric using printing techniques to create custom t-shirts, pillows or bags.

Decorated Frames: Frame the colorful drawings and use them as wall art to decorate a room, adding a personal and colorful touch to the environment.

Personalized Bookmarks: Cut out and laminate colorful designs to create personalized bookmarks.

Artistic Collage: Create an artistic collage by combining various colorful Barbie drawings, adding elements such as glitter or small decorations.

Party Masks: Cut out and reinforce designs to create Barbie masks to wear at themed parties.


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