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Big the cat coloring pages

Click on your favorite Big the cat coloring page. You will go to the high resolution page of the drawing, where you can print it by clicking on "Print the drawing". To download the drawing in PDF click on the word PDF.

Big the Cat is a large, friendly purple cat, known for his calm nature and impressive physical strength. With large yellow eyes and an always serene expression, Big is a nature lover and lives in harmony with his surroundings. He always carries a fishing rod with him, being an expert and passionate fisherman, often looking for his best friend, the frog Froggy. Despite his imposing size, Big is kind and good-hearted, always ready to help his friends in difficulty. He wears a golden belt, brown and white boots, and white gloves, completing his signature look. His physical strength allows him to face challenges that require brute power, but he prefers to solve problems calmly and patiently. Big is a character who loves the simplicity of life and finds joy in the little things, making him a faithful and reliable friend to all the characters in the world of Sonic.


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