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Garden of Banban Coloring Pages

Welcome to the Garden of Banban Coloring Page! Here you can immerse yourself in a unique and captivating adventure, based on the indie survival horror video game developed by the independent studio Europhic Brothers. Ready to bring this exciting experience to life with your colors?

Garten of Banban is an exciting episodic game that puts you in the role of a parent searching for their missing child. The protagonist will be the character that you will be able to control during the game. The story begins inside a kindergarten, where, after opening a door, the protagonist finds an unloaded toy drone. From here, he begins his adventure in search of an energy source, or batteries, to make the drone work.

Thanks to this drone, the protagonist will be able to activate buttons that open doors, revealing new passages and secrets inside the asylum. On his way, the parent is faced with the head of one of the school's mascots, Opila Bird, who stares at him ominously. By solving puzzles and challenges, the protagonist will find himself in a room that artificially recreates the environment of an outdoor playground. Here he will have to complete a special mission: feed eggs to Opila.

Once this mission is completed, a door will open, and after another intricate puzzle, the parent will be forced to escape Opila through skillful stunts and parkour movements. Will he be able to plunge Opila into the depths of the factory and free himself from her clutches?

As the parent continues his adventure, he will discover an elevator hidden in the floor that will take him to new challenges. Here, he will meet another mascot, Jumbo Josh, who will try to trap him by tipping over the platform he is standing on. Will he be skilled enough to evade Jumbo Josh and continue in his path?

The Garten of Banban coloring page offers you the opportunity to visually explore this fascinating video game. Just click on the image of the desired design and then on the "Print the design" button to get a copy ready to be colored with your favorite colors.

We are happy to share this Garten of Banban adventure with you. We hope this page will inspire you to immerse yourself in the dark and mysterious world of the game, as you color the characters and locations faced by the brave parent in her desperate search for him.

Get ready to bring this suspenseful story to life and discover what fate holds for the parent in the search for his beloved missing son. Have fun with the Garden of Banban coloring pages!


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