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Joker Coloring Pages

Welcome to the Joker coloring page, Batman's notorious villain! Here you will find a large selection of Joker coloring pages, ranging from various interpretations and styles. If you are passionate about this enigmatic character and want to express your creativity through colour, you are in the right place!

Our page offers a variety of Joker coloring pages, ready for you to print and customize with your favorite colors. To print the drawing you want, just click on the image and a page dedicated to that particular Joker drawing will open. You will find the "Print the drawing" button which will allow you to obtain a printable copy of the drawing ready to be colored.

Joker is an iconic comic book character created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane. He made his first appearance in the Batman comic in 1940. Over the years, the Joker has become one of popular culture's most notorious villains, with an unpredictable personality and a distinctive laugh that leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of viewers.

The Joker character has been portrayed in various films and television series. Two of the most famous and well-regarded portrayals of the Joker were those of Heath Ledger in the 2008 film 'The Dark Knight' and Joaquin Phoenix in the 2019 film 'Joker'. Both actors have received widespread praise for their extraordinary and intense performances. , which have given the character a new dimension.

The Joker is known for his distinctive appearance, featuring a pale face, sardonic smile, and green hair. His attire varies, but he often wears a purple suit with a green tie. He is a master of deception and manipulation, with a brilliant and unpredictable criminal mind.

The Joker coloring pages on our page include different interpretations of the character. You can find drawings of Joker played by Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix, which capture the essence of their cinematic performances. There are also chibi and kawaii drawings of the Joker, which make him adorable and cute, as well as anime, manga and cartoon versions.

Choose your favorite design and let your creativity run wild through the colours. You can bring the Joker's evil and mysterious character to life or experiment with different styles to create a unique look. Once you've finished your masterpiece, share it on social media using the hashtag #ColoraJoker to showcase your art and join the community of Joker fans.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the dark and intriguing world of Joker? Click on the image of the design that inspires you the most, print it and start coloring. Let your imagination guide you and transform Joker into a unique work of art!


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