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Hulk coloring page

Turn on the printer and click on the design of the Hulk. Next you can print it and color as you like it. All'interno trovi la descrizione su come colorare the personaggio di Hulk.

Hulk is the scientist Bruce Banner, who has been genetically modified following the exposure of a high percentage of gamma rays due to the explosion of a bomb. Every time Bruce is subjected to a strong emotion, above all anger, he becomes a green, high, hypertrophic creature with an over-muscular power. For this, Hulk finds himself perpetually hunted by the army and General Ross, who see in him a danger to humanity, although Hulk is actually a misunderstood, and even though his mental state is at the primordial level, he always keeps the Sensibility to help the weaker and the in-difficulties, who defends from any monsters..


How to draw and color the incredible Hulk

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