Four years after the appearance of Mickey Mouse, in 1934 born a character destined to fortunate happening equally: Donald Duck. This is a gosling, devised from Walt Disney and realized graphically from Ub Iwerks, but it is thanks to great designer Al Tagliaferro that Donald Duck acquired that graphical style, funny and characteristic, that has contributed to giving to the comic strips amusing scenes. Donald Duck garment perennially like a sailor, with the buttons gilds and a little hat to that the ace characterizes he. Initially Donald Duck made from companion to Mickey Mouse, but later on Walt Disney comprised that a personage with these potentialities, deserved a Comic all he, with of the history that had to render it protagonist absolute. Therefore Donald Duck continuous happened and still today to amuse the adults and the children with its likeable and adventurous history much. The happened one of Donald Duck has had mainly to its temperament, opposite to that one of Mickey Mouse, that it represents the defects of everyone of we, in fact is a busybody, arranges troubles, stubborn, lazy,Donald Duck frightening, but invents always in order to be attempted a solution that it avoids little to he of hard work, sometimes succeeds to us, but other times cause many troubles, complicating hes life for a stupidity, above all because is plagued from terrible misfortune. Donald Duck has been the protagonist of numerous animated movies and in many episodes they had the function to exalt the characteristics of hes personality. The history are in fact a lot amusing where we find Donald Duck against hes eternal enemies: Chip and Dale them, two squirrel that ruin always the pic-nic organize from Donald Duck. The movie of more important animation in which Donald Duck is protagonist with to Josè Carioca is without a doubt “the three Caballeros” an movie of the year 1944, acclimatized in South America. In the 1937 Donald Duck was placed side by side from three personages who added to the hes history comicality and adventure, he was encircled from the three intelligent and wide awake grandsons much: Huey, Dewey and LouiseHuey, Dewey and Louie. Initially these grandsons, little as they made Tip and Tap in the comparisons of Mickey Mouse, amused themselves to arrange jokes and spites to their poor uncle, than exasperated he got angry and to the end he arranged always many troubles, more than all the grandsons together. Later on they revealed themselves of the precious supports in the comparisons of Donald Duck, in many episodes are resolutions to help their uncle, from complicated and dangerous situations much, for merit of their talent and their intuito one. The three goslings make part of the body of volunteers of the Good Scouts (directed from the Great Mogol and when they find themselves in difficulty, they consult their “Manual” immancabile, one source of many resources in order to resolve complicated technical situations..


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