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On this page you will find thousands of coloring and printing drawings of various kinds. Search among the various categories. By clicking on the figure you can access the gallery of coloring drawings ready to be printed. You will not have to download it to your computer, but just turn on the printer, prepare the sheet and click on the "Print the drawing" button. This category is constantly updated and you will soon find new drawings and new characters, for an even richer gallery.
Have fun!

CartoonsColoring cartoons
The coloring pages of thousands of cartoon characters

PetsColoring pages of animals
The coloring pages of various animals: dogs, cats, horses, lions, bears, dolphins and many others

Anime Manga Anime and manga coloring pages
The coloring pages of Japanese cartoon characters and comics

DollsColoring pages of dolls
The most famous dolls coloring pages: Barbie, LOL Surprise, Bratz and many others

DisneyDisney coloring pages
Coloring pages of Disney cartoon characters and animated films.

FantasyFantasy coloring pages
The coloring pages of the characters of the fantasy world: fairies, dragons, knights, castles ...

FestivityHoliday coloring pages
The coloring pages of the various holidays of the year: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, carnival.

Letters Alphabet
Coloring pages of the alphabet

Alphabet letters in italics and block letters to be colored

TV seriesColoring pages on TV series
The coloring pages of the characters of the various most famous TV and Youtube series

LawSports coloring pages
The coloring pages for various sports such as football, basketball, baseball and others

Super heroesColoring pages of superheroes
The coloring pages for the various cartoon, comic and movie superheroes

vehiclesVehicles coloring pages
The coloring pages on various vehicles such as cars, planes, motorcycles, trains and more

Video GameColoring pages about video game characters
Coloring drawings on various video game characters: Pokemon, Fortnite, Super Mario, Brawl Stars and others

AZ list List of coloring pages from A to Z
Alphabetical and numerical list of all the coloring pages


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Coloring pages Coloring pages

coloring page Coloring page

coloring coloring

Coloring Pages Coloring Pages

Desenhos para colorear Drawings to color

Coloring Pages Coloring Pages

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