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Ben 10, thanks to its multiple transformations, has been tasked with intercepting all the fiery asteroids that threaten the earth. In this game he will only use two superheroes: the man of fire (Heatblast), which you will use by pressing the Z keyboard and the ghost (Ghostfreak) with the X keyboard. You can move the character in any direction with the four keyboard arrows. Once you have chosen the man of fire, you can drop the bombs that will make the asteroids explode thanks to the space bar, this will also allow you to increase your score. When on the way, you encounter insurmountable obstacles, such as rocks, trees or concrete barriers, you will have to use the ghost (letter X), which will allow you to pass through solid bodies. If you don't destroy some asteroids, or if you get hit, you will lose energy points (green line) which you can recover, however, by capturing the green spheres you will find along the way, ... don't let them escape !!!

Good fun!

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