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BEN 10 - Space Battle Upgrade

Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle is an addicting game, which can be played directly online, on the web platform of Cartoon Network, a well-known cartoon broadcaster.
The game will take the video players directly into space, to block the advance of the fearsome Vilgax; thanks to technology, Ben 10 will be able to use the powers of the aliens against the aliens themselves, and gradually approach the great alien leader.

5 difficulty levels
The game is structured in 5 levels of increasing difficulty, in which we will play the young hero. Inside our spaceship we will have to destroy all the enemy alien ships, which as the game progresses, will become more and more dense and their destruction will be a real headache.
Only by overcoming the different levels, which wind between the earth and space, will it be possible to approach the fortress of Vilgax, and try - with a little luck - to defeat it definitively.

The structure of the game
Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle faithfully follows the game structures and dynamics of the most famous arcade games of the 90s, from arcades. The battle pattern repeats itself over and over again, with the player flying the ship in a straight line, avoiding obstacles and destroying as many spaceships as possible.
During the missions it will be possible to fire at will and obtain special upgrades, which allow the explosions to be more powerful, and able to destroy more enemy ships in combos. A very useful feature is that of being able to take possession of an enemy combat vehicle where our spacecraft was in non-optimal "health" conditions. In fact, in order to have ammunition and power at full capacity, it is necessary that our vehicle is perfectly enlisted in the battlefield.

The commands
The game controls are simple and immediate, and the platform provides a practical box with a memo function, to always have them under control. The directional arrows - up, down, left, right - are used to move your spacecraft; keeping a key pressed, the movement speed will progressively increase.
In order to open fire on enemies, simply press the Z key. A constant pressure will give life to a real rain of fiery bullets.
The last button that can be used is the X, to be pressed to abandon your ship and take possession of an alien.

Tips and tricks
1) When you are on the battlefield, sometimes it will be necessary to avoid the ships, and not take them down; this is because with the increasing and progressive difficulties of the game, it will be a real challenge to defeat all the enemies. It is therefore recommended, where strafing the enemies is too convincing, to avoid them in toto - of course this operation, certainly useful, cannot be used constantly, under penalty of flattening one's score on too low figures to complete the mission.

2) Never hesitate to change your combat car: in fact, if your vehicle is dented and not at full capacity, it is necessary to take possession of another one, to be effective in maneuvers and in opening fire against the enemies.

Good fun!

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