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The Vilgax robot has captured Ben 10. He has managed to free himself and must collect the pieces necessary for his escape. It is the classic game where you have to destroy the blocks with the bounces of the ball, but in this case it is very rich and full of options and levels. You will be able to move Ben left and right with the movement of the mouse, but you must avoid getting past the sphere, which you will use to destroy the blocks. By destroying certain orbs, bonuses will drop that you will have to try to get, because you can afford to make a few more mistakes. When Omnitrix is ​​active, press Z to clear it from the screen. Collect the superhero bonus to transform yourself, so as to increase the power of your throws which will destroy blocks more easily. When a bonus with the number 3 drops it means that you will have to fend off 3 orbs, so you will have to be more careful to catch them, but at the same time they will allow you to destroy more blocks. When Ben is transformed into the man of fire, you will be able to shoot fireballs by clicking the mouse on the desktop.

Good fun!

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