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The Dragon Ball Z Fight online game is designed for two players. The first player will be able to choose the character with which to fight between Goku, Junior and Gohan, while the second will have the enemies, such as Freeza, Vegeta and Cell. The first player will be able to move and make his character fight using the letters of the keyboard.

A = fires the energy wave - S= kick - D = punch - E = increase power - W = special shot - U = high jump - H = move left - K = move right

The second player will have to use the number keys.

1 = fist; 8 = calcium; 9 = energy wave; + = Power increase; / = special shot; Left arrow = left shift; Right arrow = move right; Up arrow = jump up.

You can decide to change the background of the fight between hills, mountains, rivers and islands and the background music.
Each player will have a life score of 200, which will decrease during the fight. The first to reach the score 0 will have lost.

Good fun!

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