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Peter Pan - The darts of Captain Hook

In this game you will have to prove to Captain Hook that you are a real pirate by passing three tests. In first try, the Sponge Pirate will throw the target over an axis, held by a strong pirate. Due to the sway of the ship the target will not be fixed, so you will have to be good at hitting the target as it rolls. In the left menu the level of gold coins you need to get will be displayed, to pass the first level, you will have to reach a quantity higher than the word "CLEAR". This level will increase as the game progresses, thus increasing the limit of coins to be reached and also the difficulty. Once you have passed the 2 levels of the first game, you will move on to the second set in Skull Bay. Here you will have to hit the target held by the sirens, which will come out of the sea. Be very careful to aim, only hit when you are sure to hit the target, because the sirens will immediately return to the water. You will have 5 darts, with which to reach a score, such as to make you pass the level. Occasionally Tinker Bell will come with a shield, depicting a dart; try to hit it to get more arrows in your bow. Finally in the third level, you will have to hit the target placed in the pirate boats. This is the most difficult test because the target will be at a considerable distance and you will be distracted by Captain Hook and the other pirates.

Good fun!

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