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BATMAN - The Cobblebot caper

Batman wanders the streets of Gotham City in search of the supervillain "The Penguin". In the dark city, jumping between the various buildings and running through the dark alleys he will have to face the members of the gang, who armed with sticks and chains will try to stop him. You can move Batman using the four keyboard arrows, while to make it jump you have to press the space bar. During your run you have to try to get as many Batrang as you can, as you will need them during the various battles with your opponents. The game is divided into various difficulty levels and in the top menu you will find your score, the number of Batranges you have left and your life level.

To launch the batarang you must press the A key
To use the punch you have to press the S button
To use football you have to press the button D
To jump use the space bar
Move the character with the four keyboard arrows

Good fun

"The Cobblebot caper" is copyright © Cartonionline made the link for the sole purpose of reviewing the game.