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CAPTAIN AMERICA - Red Skull and Crossbones

Captain America must run through the streets of the city of Washington to protect her from Crossbones and the evil Red Skull that has scattered bins of radioactive material ready to explode. Led by the beautiful Sharon of the SHIELD special agents, Captain America will have to use all his combat skills, such as throwing the shield, to defeat both the soldiers of the Hydra and their principals.

You will be able to move Captain America in all directions thanks to the four arrows on the keyboard. To hit your opponents, press the button Z, to jump press the X, and to defend yourself with the shield press the C. The more opponents you can take down, the higher your power level will rise. When it is at its maximum, you can throw the shield at your opponents by pressing the space bar . Be careful because once you throw the shield your strength level will be reset, so you should definitely avoid getting hit first. The difficulty is to finish the level within the time indicated at the beginning of the game. You will have to manage to protect the radioactive can, from the explosive arrow that will be launched by Crossbones. When you are near a green bin, you have to place Captain America's body between the bin and the arrow that will be launched and press the key C: in this way you will have saved the city from the explosion. At the same time you will have to fight against the Hydra soldiers who will waste you precious time, you will not be able to go to the next level, if you have not completely defeated them first.

Good fun!

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