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Here is a truly beautiful and creative game: You will be able to compose music thanks to the band Class of 3000! It is very simple, after a few seconds of waiting for the game to load (be patient a bit), the DJ will appear and invite you to choose where you want to compose and play your music: Auditorium o Findley Plaza. Clicking Auditorium, your band will find itself playing inside a theater while clicking Findley Plaza, you will play in an outdoor park. Green buttons similar to those of a CD player will appear, where clicking play will start the music. With the keys Slow, With e Fast you can increase or decrease the rhythm of the music. In the table below, you will find the various tracks where you can insert the backing track of the various instruments. Try selecting an instrument, such as the double bass. A mask will appear, which will ask you to choose if you want the classic double bass or the electric bass, and you can also insert small vocalizations like "Oh, Yeah!". For example, select track M and drag it into the table, turn on the speakers and click the button Play, you will notice that the bass player starts playing and changes the rhythm based on the Slow, Med and Fast options. The track can be lengthened by dragging it so that it occupies even four or five columns. You can also delete it and move it further as you wish. Now, with the same procedure insert the battery; the pace will become very interesting. Once you have inserted the rhythmic and accompaniment instruments, such as bass, drums and harpsichord, you can insert the melodic parts, with short tracks of trumpet, guitar, violin, keyboards and piano at your discretion and without your tastes, giving vent to all your creativity. You will also be able to save your work. Once you are satisfied with your musical work, you will have to click the DJ. A template will appear with a series of options: choose Save Your Song and insert the name of your music on the writing Name Your Song Here, Than we click Save. With Load a Save Song, you can reload the music you have already archived by choosing it from a list. If you still have any doubts, just click on Instruction and the DJ will explain everything to you with practical examples.

Good fun!

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