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The wonderful misadventures of flapjack - Adventure Boud

Anyone can find a treasure on earth, but only the bravest and strongest, most adventurous adventurers can find a treasure in the sky. You will have to move the Bubble whale with the mouse and by pressing the left button, you can launch FlapJack and Captain Crack who will have to recover the gold and diamond coins that will appear in the sky. Be careful not to drop them in the water; once launched into the air they will have to fall on the back of the whale. In case they fall into the water, don't worry as they are waiting for you above a rescue buoy ahead. In the display below, the score of your treasure will be updated and the path you have left to get to the finish line. Be careful not to hit the seagulls that will fly in the sky, the bubbles that will hold you captive and the hot air balloons. By holding down the mouse button for a long time, you can use the SUPER SPOUT (super spray) to shoot FlapJack and Captain Crack, with more power. Once you have sailed into the harbor, click the button to stop the arrow on the slider, so that Flapjack gets an extra boost.

Good fun!

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The wonderful misadventures of flapjack

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