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Batman - Crime wave

The Joker bought a television station repeater. The other night, Commissioner Gordon received TV interference from the evil villain, who showed him Batman's faithful friend Robin, his prisoner. The Joker has revealed the plan to release a signal that will control the minds of everyone in Gotham city. The commissioner immediately activated the signal bat, hoping that our character can free Robin and give the Joker the right lesson. Batman will then rush to the terraces where the various repeaters will be positioned. These. however they are controlled by the followers of the evil Joker. Once Batman has defeated his enemies and destroyed the repeater using one of his explosive weapons, he will have to search for the signal bat to go to the next terrace. However, he must be careful not to accumulate hit points, as he may not have the strength to complete his mission. To fight use the bat-boomerang to detonate the repeater use a bomb.
Use the up, down, left and right arrows to move Batman
Use Shift key to select weapons
Use space bar to launch weapons

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