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Phineas and Ferb - Magnetic journey

To overcome boredom, the two brilliant guys Phineas and Ferb have in mind to build a ship that will take them on a cruise around the world. Thanks to the help of an anti-gravity magnetic beam, they will be able to transport tons of metal, for the construction of their ship inside their garden. Unfortunately, something unexpected happens and the magnetic beam goes crazy, blowing up all the metal objects. As if that weren't enough, Ferb himself gets trapped inside a magnetic bubble. The only way for Phineas to save Ferb will be to collect all the metal objects, suspended in the air.

First you will need to launch Pherb with rockets, which will start from the ship's mast. To do this, press the up arrow on the keyboard. The ship sways based on Ferb's weight, so you'll need to rebalance it by moving the keyboard arrows: left and right. At the same time you will have to retrieve all the blue objects (metal objects) that will be requested of you. If you find it easier to play with the mouse, you can activate it from the game options.

Pay close attention to the objects to avoid such as: kites, balloons, and clouds with lightning, because they will hinder you by slowing down your maneuver.

Instead, try to collect the green-colored bonuses, each with a specific property. The coin will earn you 100 points, the calamity makes the Ferb bubble the lightest, the umbrella protects you from the cloud with lightning, the wrench repairs the ship from the missiles that will be thrown at you, the clock will earn you 5 seconds longer and lube oil makes Phineas' rockets faster to slide up the ship's mast.

You won't have to tilt the ship too much, otherwise you will overturn all the recovered material, including Ferb's bubble, which will blow up the ship. A warning sign will warn you when the ship reaches too much tilt.

The aim of the game will be to overcome 10 levels of increasing difficulty, but be careful of the 10th because it is quite difficult.

Good fun!

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