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Online game Pirates of the Caribbean

The game is divided into three parts. Initially you will find yourself inside a tavern, where you will be involved in a fight between the pirates, who will throw both bottles and skulls at you. In your possession you will have a sword, with which you will have to cut the bottles before they hit you. Basically you must have the ability to click on the object that is thrown at you, being careful not to click it neither when it is too far away, nor when it is too close, because in this case it will have already hit you. You will move on to the next level when you have cut 30 bottles. You will have 10 bonuses at your disposal for being hit, without being eliminated. As you progress to the next levels, this game will get more and more difficult, with the bottles taking on unexpected trajectories.

In the second level we find the pirate tied to a pole. You will have to insert the exotic fruits inside the pole (right and left), according to the sequence indicated by the templates. You will have to guess the order within a certain time for 10 games of increasing difficulty.

In the third level you will have to face the gigantic Kraken (a giant octopus) ready to crush your ship with its tentacles. Your weapon will be a barrel loaded with explosives, which you will have to throw in the air and by clicking on it you will have to detonate at the tentacles of the Kraken, which in this way will lose levels of life. If you manage to reset the energy, you will have won and will pass to the next levels, the same but increasingly difficult.

Good fun!

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