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Rapunzel online game - A tower of trouble


This fun game features both the bandit Flynn and Rapunzel.

In the first level you will have to help the outlaw to escape from the king's guards and the indomitable horse Maximus. Along the way you will have to tear up all the posters, with his bounty that have been hung from the trees of the forest. You will be able to move the character thanks to the left and right arrows on the keyboard, while to jump press the up arrow. You will have to jump between the various rocks and on many occasions you can climb up a vine or a ladder by pressing the up arrow. When you meet the guards, you can evade their surveillance by holding down the space bar, which will allow you to hide in the bushes. Otherwise they will catch you and making you prisoner you will have to start the game again. In some paths you can take advantage of a lever that, when activated with the space bar, will drop a stone that will stun the guard, leaving you free to go. At the end of the level you will be able to see how many points you have earned, the number of bonuses and time bonuses.

In the second level you will be able to play with Rapunzel, who thanks to Flynn will be able to escape from the tower to reach the castle. She too will have to escape from the guards chasing her. The dynamics of the game are the same as those of the first level, with the exception that Rapunzel will have to recover a certain amount of flowers. Compared to Flynn, he has the advantage that he can pick flowers and operate the levers, even from a long distance, because he can take advantage of his very long prehensile hair, which you can activate by pressing the space bar. You can also use your hair as a vine, as thrown over a branch will allow you to jump between different levels of the ground.

In the third and fourth level, Flynn and Rapunzel must go through the caves to reach the castle, without being discovered by the king's guards. As in the first level, you will have to collect the Flynn-sized posters and climb the rocks via rope ladders. Compared to the first level, you will find that the guards are much more numerous, so you will have to be much more careful to use the space bar to hide behind the barrels.

Good fun!

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