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Toy Story online game - Woody's escape

Two cute Toy Story online games with Woody's escape theme.

In the first, Woody and Buzz are either trapped in Sid's room, a terrible boy who enjoys mishandling toys, causing them to go through every new experiment. Sid has in fact tied Buzz Lightyear to an explosive rocket and intends to blow it up in the backyard.

The object of the game is for Woody to collect all of Sid's crazy toys to save Buzz. Finding the toys inside the room is not that simple and Woody will have to resort to several strategies.
To move Woody you have to click on a point on the screen to make him take the direction he must follow. At the top left you will find a question mark that will give you directions to solve a given situation. At its side a card that will update you on the progress of the game such as the score and the number of objects found. In fact, you have to find all 5 toy soldiers in the room in order to save them from Sid's clutches. When you scroll the mouse between the various objects pay attention to the exclamation point. You have to click on it to know what a certain object can be useful for. When a lasso appears you have to click on the object to place it on the board, from here you can drag it and combine it with another object, in order to solve a particular problem. When toothed gears appear above an object, it is a sign that it can be combined with one of those available on the bulletin board. These objects can also be combined with each other. Arrows will appear on both the left and right edges of the screen, which will take you to the other rooms in the house. Within the game itself there are mini-games, which you will have to solve to get a prize, which will be useful for your escape. The faster you manage to escape from the house, the higher your score will be.
First, take the string that is above the window and put it on the bulletin board. Then also take the cross-shaped tool that will serve as a counterweight. Combine the two tools by dragging them with the mouse one on top of the other, a contraption will come out that you have to drag to the right of the screen, until it anchors to the edge of the desk. Woody will then be able to use a rope to go down and explore the various parts of the house, looking for other tools useful for his escape such as a screwdriver and a key for charging the wheeled frog.
Next you will have to solve the puzzle that you will find in the safe. If you win, you get a screwdriver, which is useful for freeing a Sid puppet.

In the second game we find the toy collector Al, who kidnaps Woody at a flea market. Woody discovers that Al's house is full of precious objects and rarities. Al wants to send the Roundup gang to Japan. In order to escape, Woody needs to find Jessie the cowgirl, old Stinky Pete and the horse Bullseye in his friends.
Here too you have to find the 5 toy soldiers and follow the same directions as in the previous game.

Good fun!

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