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Tinker Bell - Sundown countdown

The sun is about to set on the enchanted clearing. All the fairies are going home to rest for tomorrow's grand ceremony ... except the fairies of light.

The fairies of light, eager to admire the splendid sunset and to play with the spheres of light, have forgotten that it will soon be night and that it is time to go to sleep.

The fairies of light live inside the flowers. Help them get home so they will be fresh and rested for the ceremony.

The first day you have to help the fairies of the light to fly to the sunflowers, where they will sleep soundly.

On the second day, other fairies will need a hand. Swipe left and right to see all the fairies. There will be two types of fairies and two types of flowers. You have to help the fairies find their flower by matching the color of the fairy to that of the flower.

On the third and last day before the grand ceremony, there will be three types of fairies and three types of flowers. You will have to match the color of the fairy to that of the flower again. Remember to swipe both left and right to make sure you help out all the fairies.

To help a fairy find her home, drag on an open flower by moving the cursor over her, clicking and holding the mouse button. If you don't take it home quickly, it will fly away.

A number counter will indicate how many fairies of light you have helped find their way home. A stopwatch will indicate the remaining time.

Hurry up there are tons of light fairies to help. At night all the fairies close their petals and therefore the fairies of light could risk being left without shelter

Good fun!

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