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Tinker Bell - The hidden treasure

In this online game, you will have to help the little fairy Tinker Bell to bring autumn. The aim is to find all the hidden treasures inside certain boxes: leaves, butterflies, gems, insects, etc. You will have a certain amount of clicks available, which you must try not to waste by clicking empty boxes. Make sure that with each click, he can find some clues that lead you to reach the treasure, such as the diamond that gives you a bonus, a flower that gives you an extra click and above all the compasses. When you find a celestial compass it means that the treasure is very far from the square you clicked, so you will have to move to the opposite side. If you find an orange compass, it means that the treasure is somewhere in between from that point. If you find a red compass, the treasure is very close, a few squares from that point indicated by the hand. Be careful not to click the red berries, as they will steal a click from you. When you find a celestial space, it means that there is something useful nearby. At the top you will find the score, the bonuses available (the diamond), the amount of clicks (the flower) and the treasure you will have to find

Good fun!

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