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WONDER WOMAN - Curse of the Underworld

It is a fighting and action game in which the superheroine Wonder Woman he will have to fight against the legion of evil soldiers who are besieging the island of Hades. In order to save her Amazon sisters, Wonder Woman must fight against the soldiers, who will materialize inside the temple and advance various levels until she reaches the Lord of Evil himself, the one who commands the legion of soldiers.
With the four arrows you can move Wonder Woman left, right, up and down.
With in button Shift you can punch.
With the key Ctrl you can defend yourself thanks to the bracelets.
With the space bar you can use the lasso that, pressed only once, will capture the soldier, while in the second Wonder Woman she will be able to throw a punch at her opponent.

At the top will be indicated the damage level of Wonder Woman and your opponents.
Defeat the soldiers and move on until you find a door that will allow you to go to the next levels. Once you have passed all the levels, the decisive battle awaits you.

Advice: Keep opponents at a distance with the sword by fighting with the lasso (space bar), parry the fireballs with the bracelets (Ctrl key) and try to fight with the fists as soon as the soldiers materialize (using the Shift key), without give him time to fight. Watch out for the soldiers who materialize with fire, because they will throw the dangerous fireballs at you.

Good fun!

Wonder Woman - Curse of the Underworld is copyright © William Moulton Marston - and rights holders. Cartonionline made the link for the sole purpose of reviewing the game.

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