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Gianluigi PiluduGianluigi Piludu

The site was made and is continuously updated by Gianluigi Piludu (GilP), of which he is the owner.


The history of

The idea was born in December 2000, when driven by the desire to publish his comics, Gianluigi decided to put the story of Surbile online, which crosses tradition and popular legends within the Sardinian carnival. Later he realized that what was born for the paper medium (for example the arrangement of the table in 6 panels), could not fit well on a computer monitor, which is better suited to multimedia. This led to the realization of Shardan, a real online cardboard, made with the Flash program. Gianluigi's latest work is Matto Matteo's online cartoon dedicated to 5-a-side football, where there are only two episodes, but which hopefully will be the first of a long series.

Given the great passion for comics and cartoons and also driven by the same name of the site, Gianluigi decided to create different categories that talked about this topic, so over the years has become a real cartoon web portal.

The categories that make it up are as follows:


Where you will find a wide range of cartoon and comic characters in alphabetical order from A to Zdivided by year e category including the anime, the manga, Disney, Looney Tunes, Hanna and Barbera, the classic comics, the Bonelli comics and many other animation series. In addition to Gianluigi, some cards and reviews have also been created by the invaluable collaboration of Helga Corpino.



The reviews and factsheets on animated and fantastic films, currently showing in cinemas.


Updates dedicated to broadcasts and timetables on various television and satellite channels: Italy 1, Rai Yoyo, Boing, Cartoonito and others

Coloring pages

Where you can find drawings to print and color of cartoon characters


Links to youtube videos that are published on official channels (Disney Junior, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network and others)