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Pictures of Asterix

Images of the characters of Asterix the comic and cartoon character created by Ren� Goscinny and Albert Uderzok.

Asterix the Gaul is a French comic series created by Ren� Goscinny (texts) and Albert Uderzo (drawings), whose first appearance took place on 29 October 1959 in Pilote magazine before being published as a comic book. The series was conceived in the suburb of Bobigny (Seine-San Denis), France. Translated into many languages ​​(including Latin and Ancient Greek), it is available in many other countries, which probably makes Asterix the most popular character in the French cartoon world and the most popular in the French-speaking area. A key element to the success of the series is the fact that it contains comedic elements for readers of different ages: children usually love fights and other humorous gags, while adults tend to appreciate allusions to classical culture, contemporary figures and the puns hidden in the dialogues.