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Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 - Save whoever can

Alvin Superstar 3 - Save yourself who can
ï ¿½ Bagdasarian Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, TCF Vancouver Productions

Alvin and the Chipmunks episode three sees the Chipmunks starring in a shipwreck. Alvin is always in the company of his friends and chippetes for a cheerful adventure signed by Mike Mitchell, also director of Shrek 4. He will arrive in Italy with the title of "Si salvi chi can".

Alvin and his group are about to leave with Dave for a cruise on the luxurious Carnival Dream ship for a journey that will take them to the International Music Awards, an important singing event to which the chipmunk group has been invited. Dave, before getting on the ship, immediately makes it clear, knowing the habits of his squirrel friends, that the behavior on a cruise must be disciplined and that he must follow adequate rules in order not to disturb the other passengers on the ship. Alvin swears that he will respectfully follow Dave's orders, but as soon as he gets on the ship, he begins to have fun throwing suntan oil on the deck and putting on a musical dance show with his friends. Some passengers, including Dave himself, however, slip on the oil and, although most of the cruise passengers are enjoying themselves listening to the songs of the chipmunks, Dave interrupts the improvised and cheerful performance. That night Dave is very angry with the group of squirrels and tells them to stay in the cabin and watch television while he is having dinner with the ship's captain to apologize for what happened. Dave arranges room service for the squirrels' dinner so they don't have to leave the cabin and cause further disaster on the ship.
Theodore gives Dave a packaged necklace he can wear for dinner, made of candy and colored pasta. Dave wears it, happy with that apology and goes to dinner.

Alvin Superstar 3 - Save yourself who can
ï ¿½ Bagdasarian Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, TCF Vancouver Productions

In the meantime, however, in the cabin, as soon as Dave leaves, Alvin takes off his pajama jacket and shows underneath an elegant white suit, ready to go with Simon to spend an evening at the casino, contrary to what Dave had ordered. The Chipettes also decide to disobey Dave and leave the cabin, heading to the ship's nightclub to let loose on the track. Here, Eleanor, Brittany and Jeanette argue with three girls and are challenged to a dance competition, under the eyes of all present. Meanwhile, Dave is at the table with the captain, when a ship's animator dressed as a giant duck makes the waiter pour hot food on him. Dave then chases him to figure out who he is and discovers that it's Yan, the record company who lost his job because of him. Yan says he hates him and wants to ruin his life. Meanwhile, Dave realizes that most of the squirrels have disobeyed him, exiting the cabin. Only Theodore was, in fact, left alone to watch television. Dave gets very angry and tells Alvin and the others that if they do it again they will be off the ship and can say goodbye to the important singing event.

Alvin Superstar 3 - Save yourself who can
ï ¿½ Bagdasarian Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, TCF Vancouver Productions

The next morning, Dave would like to relax a bit on the deck of the ship, sunbathing and reading some magazines, but Alvin tries to fly a child's kite, using it as if it were a hang glider. Simon ties the kite to the deck chair Dave is resting on and drags it along the entire deck of the ship, causing havoc among the passengers. In the chase that follows Dave and Yan, who has joined the gang, fall overboard and see the cruise ship departing. Alvin and his friends, tied to the kite, are also taken away from the ship. After some time, however, the squirrels see an island appear in the distance and head there, landing on the mainland. The island is apparently deserted, but Alvin consoles everyone by saying not to worry because the situation is under control. In fact, he already has a plan in mind: he takes many coconuts and creates the word "SOS" on the beach in the hope that someone from above can see it and can come to their rescue. Meanwhile, Dave and Yan clinging to each other also manage to reach the island on another beach. The squirrels then prepare to spend the night on the island and Alvin wants to light a fire using the lenses of Simon's glasses, but Simon is distracted by looking at his beloved Jeanette and burns his paw. After some effort in lighting the fire, the group warms up singing around the small bonfire, but Alvin sneezes and turns off the flame suddenly.

Alvin Superstar 3 - Save yourself who can
ï ¿½ Bagdasarian Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, TCF Vancouver Productions

The next morning the squirrels wake up a little mogi and sadly sing a cappella "I'm a survivor". Now they have to go in search of food because they are literally starving. They then venture into the vegetation of the island and discover a large berry. When they spot him they begin to quarrel, performing a thousand stunts among the trees and lianas. Just as they are making this fight they realize that they are not alone on the island, because a girl emerges from the vegetation, attracted by the noise they made fighting. This is Zoe, a young woman who has been alone on the island for eight to nine years. She too has lost track of time and cannot be more precise in indicating how long she has been alone. Zoe talks to balls she has collected from around the island that have become her best friends. The girl seems happy to have the company of squirrels, although she does not know their successful musical group, having been away from civilization for such a long time. Zoe and chipmunks have a great time together. She shows them what games can be played on the island. For example, he has Theodore go bungee jumping with a vine. Simon is stung by a bug and from then on he will be extremely brave and strong. Suddenly it is raining heavily and even in the pouring rain the chipmunks go wild in a dance.

Alvin Superstar 3 - Save yourself who can
ï ¿½ Bagdasarian Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, TCF Vancouver Productions

Eleonor, who had fallen from a basket and was carrying crutches, also goes wild dancing and singing happily. The island, after all, doesn't seem too bad and even Zoe's company, although the girl seems a bit crazy, is cheerful and engaging. While the squirrels play with Zoe and explore the island together, Brittany takes a thermal bath and Simon takes a dip in a large waterfall, accidentally discovering that beneath the lake is a cave with a huge chest full of gold and many jewels. Simon, in fact, manages to take only a gold bracelet from this great treasure and gives it to Jeanette who uses it as a crown. Zoe is very interested in the treasure affair as she has been looking for it in vain for years all over the island. Meanwhile, the coexistence between Dave and Yan doesn't seem to be as pleasant. Yan is particularly hungry and would like to eat the only edible thing in their possession: Theodore's candy and pastry necklace for Dave. The latter, however, opposes with all his strength, because that is a gift, as well as a memory that is very dear to him. While Dave is asleep, however, Yan manages to bite into a piece of the necklace. Alvin in his wandering around the island meets a lemur, but manages to scare him and put him to flight. The chipettes, meanwhile, have prepared an adorable tree house decorating it with lots of flowers, to spend time more comfortably until their beloved Dave comes to save them. All of them are, in fact, convinced that Dave will be able to find them and rescue them. Dave, meanwhile, is convinced that the squirrels are on the island and is looking for them far and wide.

Alvin Superstar 3 - Save yourself who can
ï ¿½ Bagdasarian Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, TCF Vancouver Productions

The meeting finally takes place just as Yan is trying to attack Dave to steal his necklace. Everyone is delighted to have finally found themselves safe and sound. Only Alvin doesn't go to greet him feeling guilty about everything that happened and expecting some reproaches from Dave. But, to disturb this apparent serenity, strange noises arrive and the squirrels realize that the island is of volcanic origin and that an eruption is coming. Frightened, everyone begins to build a raft in order to escape as soon as possible. Zoe, however, is intent on recovering the treasure she has been looking for for years. To do this, however, he needs someone who can easily descend into the cave located below the waterfall. He therefore takes advantage of Jeanette's carelessness to kidnap her and take her with him to the waterfall. Meanwhile, everyone is ready to set sail with the raft, as the eruption seems increasingly imminent. Simon, however, categorically refuses to follow them without first having rescued his beloved Jeanette. Even Dave says he won't leave without first retrieving the little chipmunk. Dave and Simon then go to the waterfall, but Simon takes a big blow to the head that makes him return to normal, eliminating the effects of the insect bite. Alvin then joins Dave on the expedition. The two fight with Zoe and manage to save Jeanette, with the final help of Simon himself.

Alvin Superstar 3 - Save yourself who can
ï ¿½ Bagdasarian Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, TCF Vancouver Productions

All together they manage, then, to escape to safety on the raft, taking Zoe with them, who seems to have given up on recovering the treasure. On the raft, Jeanette will give Zoe the only remaining jewel, the bracelet that Simon had recovered the day he discovered the hidden treasure. Finally the raft is spotted by a helicopter and the castaways are rescued. The film closes with Alvin's long-awaited International Music Awards performance and the chipmunks, performing Lady Gaga's "Born this way" and Katy Perry's "Firework", in a beautiful setting on bright stars suspended on stage.

The film is particularly suitable for an audience of children, but also pleasant to watch for adults. The animation is of a high technical level with the perfect integration, to which the previous successes of the same series had already accustomed us, between the acting of the actors and the animated part of the squirrels. The musical part is also pleasant with the choice of very famous pieces rearranged for the performance of the chipmunks. Noteworthy is the performance of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance", sung a cappella when Alvin and his friends introduce themselves to Zoe. Also, in this film the character of Yan, who was connoted as a villain in previous episodes, plays a rather neutral role to make room for Zoe. Dave's love affairs are not the subject of the plot, while those between the couples Brittany-Alvin, Theodore-Eleonor, Simon-Jeanette are in evidence.

Alvin Superstar 3
Original title: 
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked
3D animation, Comedy
87 '
Directed by: 
Mike Mitchell
Bagdasarian Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, TCF Vancouver Productions
20th Century Fox
Exit date: 
January 03, 2012

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