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Arthur and the Minimei people

Arthur e il popolo dei MinimeiArthur is a 10 year old boy who lives in his grandmother's house, as his parents went on a long journey. His grandfather has mysteriously disappeared for four years, leaving behind a fantastic book, which describes the African people of the Matasanai, characterized by a very tall stature and the Minimei of men only 2 millimeters tall. The grandmother, nice and loving, reads this book to Arthur every night to put him to sleep and Arthur dreams of that magical and enchanted world.Arthur e il popolo dei MinimeiBut an evil speculator plots to take over that house, as he knows of the existence of a hidden treasure and Arthur tries to find a solution to this problem. In his grandmother's library Arthur finds a book of spells, with a strange code to decipher. Thanks to the help of the Matasanai and a particular device, Arthur will be shrunken and catapulted into the Kingdom of the Minimoys, the land of the Seven Kingdoms. Arthur will be entrusted with the task of saving the land of the Minimoys threatened by a terrible sorcerer and will thus leave for an important mission, together with the young and beautiful princess Selenia and her little brother Betameche.Arthur e il popolo dei MinimeiArthur, however, does not lose sight of his main goal: to find his grandfather and save the house. Arthur proves to be particularly smart and ingenious, always ready to bail out his friends with a thousand tricks and stratagems, so much so that Princess Selenia falls in love, which certainly cannot be said to be a girl with easy feelings, as she immediately shows that be wary, capricious and authoritarian, even if extraordinarily intelligent and beautiful. Arthur e il popolo dei MinimeiTo put a spoke in the wheels there is always the little Betameche, meddlesome and stubborn, a little jealous of his sister for her priority at the throne of the Minimoys. Betameche has a bag from which he takes out some strange and bizarre objects, not always useful, but which on more than one occasion have pulled him out of trouble, like a magic sword, which he is not yet able to maneuver perfectly. The film is full of action and magic; a full blown fantasy with enchanted kingdoms, goblins and hordes of evil flying astride giant mosquitoes.

Arthur e il popolo dei Minimei
Original title: Arthur and the Minimoys
Country: USA, France
Year: 2006
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 84 '
Directed by: Luc Besson
Production:Europa Corp., Avalanche Productions, Apipoulaï, Sofica Europacorp, Weinstein Company, The, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Distribution:01 Distribution
Exit : 9 February 2007

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