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Arthur and Maltazard's revenge

Poster of the film Arthur and the revenge of MaltazardAt the end of the tenth lunar cycle, Arthur (played by Freddie Highmore) is again on vacation with his parents in the little house of Villa Granny, where he will be able to return to the fantastic world of the Minimoys and meet his friend Selenia again. Unfortunately his father decides to leave on the long awaited day. During the preparations for departure, a small spider delivers to Arthur a grain of rice with an SOS carved into it. From this signal, Arthur understands that Selenia needs help, so she wastes no time and rushes to the land of the Minimoys to save her. Arriving at Max's bar, Arthur will face the militias of Krob, the new dictator of the Seven Kingdoms, will save the life of Betameche, will fight with rats and other dangerous animals, but in the end he will discover that the Minimei are happy to meet him again, they hadn't sent a message for help. Perhaps he was lured into a trap by the evil Maltazard?

As with the first episode of Arthur and the Minimoys, all the software used in the production of Arthur and Maltazard's Revenge was developed directly at the BUF Cie. As for the construction of the characters, they were developed from a single `` Human model '', while the settings of the backgrounds are made up of both models built by the team of Hugues Tissandier and 3D images. In the animation phase, the Video Motion Capture technique shot by director Luc Besson was very important, thanks to the collaboration of real life actors, which provides the animators with the basis for the correct movements of the 3d models.
In Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard the digital effects are much more numerous than in the first episode; they include all the effects created in post production, inserting the scenes in live action and the animation scenes in 3D. The most spectacular scene is the one in which Maltazard raids the human world.
This film represents an important step for 3d animation techniques, a cinematographic genre in continuous development, where each film opens the way for new technical solutions.
The composer of the soundtrack is Eric Serra, who leads a symphony orchestra composed of over one hundred musicians and forty voices. For the first time he combined symphonic music and rhythms typical of hip-hop and trip-hop, found in the sequence of Paradise Alley.

 Original title: Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard
Country: USA, France
Year: 2009
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 93 '
Directed by: Luc Besson
Production:EEuropa Corp., Avalanche Productions, Apipoula
Exit : December 30, 2009
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Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard is copyright Europa Corp., Avalanche Productions, Apipoula and of the right holders and are used here exclusively for cognitive and informative purposes.

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