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Asterix ei vichinghiIn this new animated film, the beloved Gallic hero Asterix returns to triumph on the big screen with a story that takes us to the icy North Pole and introduces us to the character of the metropolitan teenager from the always fascinating Gallo-Roman city: Paris . Combining the original spirit - hallmark of the hugely popular cartoon - with the most innovative animation techniques developed by a cutting-edge team, ASTERIX AND THE VIKINGS gives us back in all its greatness the funny, tender and enchanting world created by Goscinny and Uderzo. An infinity of creative ideas follow one another: one would think that the team tasted the famous magic potion ...

Asterix ei vichinghiOur favorite village in ancient Gaul is preparing for a big event: SPACCAOSSIX, grandson of the village chief, is about to arrive from Paris!
ASTERIX and OBELIX have a very difficult task: to make him become a man. Even if the city kid puts on a lot of airs, knows all about glamor and likes women, he is just a frightened rabbit who runs away from danger. Not even the hard training he will be subjected to by the "paranoix" couple will be able to have the desired effects and get the better of his manifest cowardice ... Asterix ei vichinghiHaving learned of the newcomer and his peculiarity, the Vikings - which notoriously does not have the feeling of fear - leave en masse towards Gaul driven by the illusion that if, according to what they say, "fear gives wings", the fearful Spaccaossix will have to keep faith with the prediction of the fortune-teller and teach them to fly.Disaster is foretold: Spaccaossix will be kidnapped by the Vikings! Asterix and Obelix must redeem the protected young man at any cost. While the two heroes go as far as the icy lands of the North in the footsteps of Spaccaossix, the latter (now unconscious protagonist of an abominable intrigue) meets the beautiful and intrepid ABBA and discovers that love hits like a punch in the stomach ... Other than culture shock !

Asterix ei vichinghiASTERIX. A brave warrior, small in stature but with a witty mind and an out of the ordinary intelligence. He is assigned the most dangerous tasks, which he is able to cope with thanks to the superhuman strength provided by the magic potion of the village druid. A nice and grumpy character… in short, the French stereotype! Just and loyal, he will always be there to help his best friend Obelix. And viceversa.

OBELIX. Inseparable friend of Asterix, he is the official transporter of menhirs. His passion for good fist fights is second only to that for roast wild boar. He is always ready to drop everything to follow Asterix in his adventures. He never abandons his faithful Idefix, a dog sensitive to environmental protection, to the point of despair every time a tree is felled.

ABRARACOURCIX. The chief of the rooster village. Majestic, courageous and a little bit angry, the old warrior is respected by his men and feared by his enemies. It fears nothing below the celestial vault ...

Asterix ei vichinghiSPACCAOSSIX. Thin as a toothpick because he is a convinced and fearful "veggano" as a rabbit with the excuse of pacifism, he is Abraracourix's nephew who has just arrived from Paris. Even if his ways as a rebellious teenager do not appeal to the warriors of the tribe, it is certainly not dislike what he receives in the women of the village. But beneath his arrogant air hides a sincere heart. Generous as young people know how to be, Spaccaossix has a head full of dreams. Among his passions - contagious for all his friends - dancing and everything that is trendy.

ABBA. A strong and emancipated young Viking, Abba is the daughter of Olaf Grandibaf, chief of the Viking tribe. Independent at best, she rejects the role of a submissive woman and stops at nothing to follow her heart and instinct. These will lead her to experience the greatest adventure of her life. With her adorable spontaneity, she will be able to challenge the severe patriarchal traditions of the people she belongs to.

Asterix ei vichinghiOLAF GRANDIBAF. Head of the Viking tribe, the brave warrior is convinced that fear gives wings. His dream is to achieve the supremacy of the air. An image of authority, he loves his daughter dearly and does everything possible to protect her: not an easy task, especially given the obscure plot that is taking shape ...

LIKEA. Wife of Olaf and mother of Abba, she is a very good housewife who loves Swedish design. From the spoils of each new looting of her husband, she always hopes to obtain some new exotic ornament for her home ...

CRYPTOGRAPH. A charlatan Viking whose dream is to take the place of the Chief. In order to achieve this, the Machiavellian conspirator will study a plan as convoluted as it is risky; and having a dumb son as his only ally, the thing promises to go wrong ...

MAZZAF. He is the son of Criptograf. A great Viking warrior, all brawn and no brains, whose job is to capture the "FIFA Champion", a feat that will unexpectedly bring him the boss's daughter in marriage - amid a series of vicissitudes which he struggles to grasp.

Asterix ei vichinghi

Producer Thomas Valentine
Executive producer Natalie Altmann

In association
In co-production with 2D3D ANIMATIONS
Film script Jean-Luc Goossens
In collaboration with Stefan Fjeldmark
Dialogues Jean-Luc Goossens
Dialogues Additional Philip Lazebnik
Soundtrack Alexandre Azaria
Adaptation of Italian dialogues
and direction of dubbing
Nationality: France / Denmark
Duration: 80 '
Dismissal: March 16


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