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BAMBI 2 - Bambi and the great prince of the forest

Bambi 2To the delight of all fans of Disney animation classics, the sequel to Bambi returns to the big screen, the film directed by Walt Disney in 1942 that is rightly considered a masterpiece of cinema. Bambi, taken from the story by Felix Salten, was made in the wake of the "Silly Symphonies" and is particularly interesting especially for the scruple of a zoologist who led Disney's hand in outlining the animals of the forest and for the splendid soundtrack that commented on the scenes. Particularly successful is the sequence of the discovery of man by Bambi and above all the death of his mother, which has moved entire generations of children and which denotes all the artistic sensibility of Walt Disney.

Bambi 2After such a masterpiece, Disney, as has been the case for some time now (see Peter Pan 2, Cinderella 2, 101 Dalmatians etc ..) has made the sequel to the story, trying to remain as faithful as possible to the drawings of the previous film and starting right from the moment when little Bambi loses his mother, killed by a hunter. In the film Bambi 2, the young fawn meets his father, the prince of the forest and with him begins a journey that leads him to discover the woods and the prairie that surrounds him. His adventure companions will be friends of all time: the Tamburino hare, the skunk Fiore and the girlfriend Feline and to these will be added the rival of Bambi Ronno, with whom he will enter into competition. Bambi 2Although Bambi is an intelligent and full of life roe deer, he is not appreciated by his father who still considers him too naive and cowardly to be considered his worthy heir. However, Bambi and his father will have a wonderful time, discovering the magic of spring and the thousand secrets of nature (beautiful designs and backgrounds), until they find Bambi's adoptive mother, who will have the task of raising the little roe deer. The journey with his father will be the metaphor of growth and the passage from childhood to adolescence, where Bambi in addition to changing physically (the first horns will begin to appear), will also prove to be strong and courageous, facing a group of ferocious hunting dogs and risking his life, thus gaining all the esteem of his father.

The film, directed by Brian Pimental and produced by Jim Ballantine, took four years to process, with illustrations by the master Andreas Deja (also author of the drawings for "The Lion King" and "Lilo & Stich") and demonstrated how the 'traditional animation, even referring to the canons of 1942, still has a lot to say in the era of films made with three-dimensional computer graphics.

Bambi 2
ORIGINAL TITLE: Bambi & the prince of the forest
REGIA: Brian Pimental
PRODUCER: DisneyToon Studios
GENRES: Animation
NATIONALITY: Italy - Germany
EXIT: February 03 2006 (cinema)

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