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Batman Begins

Batman BeginsA new film about returns to the big screen Batman by Title Batman Begins, which after the disappointing Batman and Robin restores luster to this character, thanks to the wise direction of Christoper Nolan and above all to the script that tells the origins of the bat man, reworking the story taken from the famous comic.
After witnessing the murder of his parents helplessly, young Bruce Wayne is prey to deep pangs of conscience and feelings of guilt. To this is added an accident that will mark his psyche for life, as he falls into a pit full of bats and is wrapped by them as in a mantle. Bruce Wayne grown up (played by Christian Bale) Batman Beginsgoes around the world in search of the tools to fight injustice and make those who terrify the weakest tremble. Arriving at a Himalayan temple, he meets martial arts master Henry Ducard (played by Liam Neeson) who teaches him ninja philosophy and the most sophisticated fighting techniques. Here Bruce Wayne manages to make sense of his life and understand what his future mission will be. Batman BeginsBack in Gotham City, he sets out to fight all the crime and corruption that has now taken over the city. With the help of faithful butler Alfred (played by Michael Caine) and exploiting the darkness of the night he disguises himself as Batman, the bat man. Thanks to his physical, athletic skills and the numerous sample of weapons at his disposal, designed by the scientist Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), he begins his fight fighting against two powerful criminals: the well-known drug trafficker Falcone and above all the psychiatrist Jonathan Crane, Bruce Wayne - Batman Beginsknown as the Scarecrow, who terrifies his patients by giving them a substance that causes them to panic. The central theme of the film is precisely fear and in this it is embodied in the psychological aspect of Batman, who is not represented as the spotless and fearless hero, but as a man torn apart by his sins and internal dramas, which lead him to fight a battle against himself even before the criminals, but this does not diminishes his unfailing irony. Unlike previous films, in Batman Begins we don't find the Gothic and Baroque atmospheres that characterized the versions of Tim Burton,Batman Begins but a more realistic and truer architecture, with fewer computer graphics effects, in order to make the character more believable; the same costume is simpler and less rigid than the previous ones. Director Christopher Nolan was able to make use of a cast of respectable actors where in addition to the aforementioned Christian Bale and Liam Neeson we remember Gary Oldman as the thoughtful detective Jim Gordon and Katie Holmes who plays Bruce Wayne's childhood friend , Rachel Dawes. Worth noting is the excellent soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard which help to envelop the viewer in the dark and fascinating atmosphere of the film. In conclusion, Batman Begins is certainly a film not to be missed, which will not disappoint the expectations of many fans, as despite the stylistic differences, it manages to be a link with previous films of Batman and at the same time lay the foundations for subsequent sequels.


Batman Begins poster
Original title: Batman Begins
Country: Use
Year: 2005
Gender: Action / Sci-Fi
Duration: 120 '
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Official site:
Production: Warner Bros., Di Bonaventura Pictures
Distribution: Warner Bros.
Exit : 17 June 2005


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