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Chicken Little is Walt Disney Pictures' first attempt to make a fully computer graphic animated film without the collaboration of Pixar. After the Dreamworks films with Shrek, Shark Tale e Madagascar , the Blue Sky Studios with Robots, the Warner Brows with The Corpse Bride and the same Pixar with the Incredibles now Walt Disney herself tries it too, who after having created absolute masterpieces of traditional animation cinema, finds herself competing with younger and more tested production houses in the field of 3D computer graphics.
Chicken Little is a small chicken, characterized by huge glasses that highlight its insecure and sensitive character. Chicken Little in fact, feels the weight and responsibility of being the son of a well-known baseball champion (who never misses an opportunity to brag) and tries in every way to achieve something important too, to prove himself worthy of his. father. Unfortunately, his inexperience and awkwardness lead him to combine several troubles. The most serious is certainly the one that alarms the entire population of Ghiandose Oaks, stating that the end of the world is near, after being hit by a simple acorn that he had mistaken for a piece of sky. From that moment Chicken Little has been mocked and discredited by everyone, much to the chagrin of his father whom he now considers as incapable. Chicken Little gets a partial ransom when he joins a baseball team, in fact thanks to his victory he will win the respect of his father. But ironically, one day the piece of sky really falls and ends up right on Chicken Little's head. How to warn the whole population and be believed, right now that he had redeemed himself from that ugly figure? Thanks to his few friends who remain loyal to him and his ingenuity Chicken Little will resort to several tricks to try to save the world, despite the fact that people have a great distrust of them. This company of slightly bizarre characters like the "ugly duckling" Alba Papera, the pig Aldo Cotechino and Pesce Fuor d'Acqua will entertain young and old with their hilarious gags, science fiction adventures and English songs typical of the 70s, which have been translated into Italian for the occasion. The cartoon, as already addressed in Finding Nemo, speaks of the conflicting relationship between parent and child, only that instead of an overprotective father we find a rather superficial and braggart. Furthermore, the characters are all very well characterized and pass values ​​such as friendship and solidarity as instruments of revenge against the distrust and superficiality of those who believe only in beautiful and winning people.


Original title: Chicken Little
Country: Use
Year: 2005
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 77 '
Directed by: Mark Dindal
Official site:
Production: Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution: Buena Vista
Exit : 02 December 2005 (cinema)


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