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Cows to the rescue

The new Walt Disney cartoon made with the method of traditional animation (freehand drawings instead of 3D computer graphics) is released on September 3, as well as the previous and beautiful one "Koda, bear brother". The story set in the wild west features the animals of the" Patch of Heaven "ranch and in particular the three cows Mrs Caloway, Maggie and Grace decided to help their owner to save the farm from eviction threatened by the outlaw Alameda Slim, who came into possession of the farm by paying the mortgage on that land.
The three cows with the help of numerous and very nice farm animals, will have to get the 1000 dollars needed in order to redeem the farm of their beloved mistress Pearl. The animals are all characterized very well with a keen sense of humor. We find Mrs Caloway the leading cow of the group (characterized by a funny hat) is of noble English origin and as such is severe, very snobbish, pragmatic and with a great sense of strategy and order. The cow Grace is instead the philosopher of the group with her New Age tendencies, she is optimistic, she loves art and in particular singing, too bad she is very out of tune. Then there is Maggie, a dynamic cow, enterprising and stubborn when she sets a goal. To this band are also added Buck the vain horse champion of karate, Lucky Jack the rabbit with the wooden leg, the three mischievous and pestiferous pigs, who make life impossible for a touchy goat, hens, geese, chicks and a ramshackle rooster. During the adventure the group will face numerous dangers, with dynamic, engaging and fun actions made thanks to the skilful direction of William Finn and John Sanford and the soundtrack of Alan Menkel (who does not remember the splendid music of "Beauty and the Beast ").


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The Adventures of Thumbelina and Thumbelina
Original title: 
Home on the Range
75 '
Directed by: 
William Finn, John Sanford
Alice Dewey
Buena Vista
Exit : 
September 03, 2004

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