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The dark Knight

Il cavaliere oscuroThe Dark Knight (original title The Dark Knight) is the sequel to the film Batman Begins, directed by the same director Christopher Nolan, released in June 2005.

A Gotham City bank, involved with the mafia in a dirty money trade, is robbed by the men of the elusive criminal Joker. This is when the city feels peaceful from the protection of Batman and the new district attorney Harvey Dent, to the point that some citizens emulate his exploits and disguise themselves in hockey protections, playing the role of vigilantes in the fight against crime. Dent in collaboration with Lieutenant Gordon is on the trail of the boss Sal Maroni, but suspects some corrupt cops. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne meets his childhood friend Rachel Dawes, Dent's girlfriend and collaborator, and this strengthens the collaboration between Batman and the new prosecutor. So they manage to frame the mafia accountant Lau Chen, before he can transfer the money to Hong Kong and arrest hundreds of criminals.

Il cavaliere oscuroAt this point Joker enters the scene who, in order to forge an alliance with the mafia, blows up the car of the judge responsible for the trial and kills Commissioner Loeb. His goal is to kill Dent, so during a party at Bruce's house Wayne breaks in with his henchmen and hurls Rachel out the window, but is saved by Batman. In order to put Batman in check, the Joker threatens to kill Mayor Garcia and to do the same for every citizen of Gotham City, killing one a day, until Batman reveals his true identity. In fact, he wastes no time in implementing his plan and taking advantage of the funeral of Commissioner Loeb, he carries out an attack against the mayor, who is saved by the lieutenant Gordon, who offers his life by acting as a shield with the body, to the bullet addressed in Garcia. Batman feels put on the ropes and decides to reveal his true identity, but is preceded by Dent, who claims to be the real Batman, in order to keep him acting in the shadows. Dent is arrested and Joker takes the opportunity to attack the armored van. However, he has not come to terms with the real Batman, who comes to save Dent and chases Joker with the Bat-Pod, a super-equipped motorcycle. Batman thus manages to capture the Joker, who is arrested by Lieutenant Gordon. He had faked his death in order to protect his family and is deservedly awarded by Mayor Gordon who promotes him commissioner, in place of Loeb.

Il cavaliere oscuroAt this point, Joker's men come into action and kidnap Dent and Rachel, which infuriates Batman, knowing his friend is in the hands of ruthless criminals. Batman forces Joker to reveal that Rachel and Dent are hiding in two separate warehouses, but assuming that Batman would save the girl first, he reverses the addresses. So Batman has time to save Dent from an explosion, but he can't do anything for Rachel who dies after a bomb goes off inside another warehouse. All this confusion gives the Joker a way to escape from the police station. Will Batman be able to neutralize his archenemy?
After the expressive and grotesque versions of Tim Burton, Nolan's Batman gives the DC Comics superhero a more complex and problematic psychological profile, offering us different interpretations and interpretations. On the one hand, the Joker, in conflict with the world and devoted to overturning the rules and schemes in order to create chaos and "burn the world", on the one hand the solitary executioner, slandered and forced to remain in the dark, while to make justice triumph. Nolan also paints a complex and conflicting image of secondary characters such as Dent, Gordon and Rachel. The result is a dark, introspective and sometimes heavy film due to its length, even if there is no lack of action scenes and thrilling aerial shots, but which opens the doors to a new style on the comic film genre.

Batman poster The dark knight
Original title:  The Dark Knight
Country:  Use
Year:  2008
Gender:  Action / Sci-Fi
Duration:  152 '
Directed by:  Christopher Nolan
Official site:
Actors:  Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Aaron Eckhart, Eric Roberts
Production:  Warner Bros., Di Bonaventura Pictures
Distribution:  Warner Bros.
Exit :  23 July 2008


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