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Dilili in Paris

Aladdin and the magic lamp (live action)Dilili and Orel (Dilili in Paris)

Original title: Dilili Paris
Directed by:
Michel Ocelot
Characters: Dilili, Orel
Production: Northwest Movies

Distribution: Inspired Movies
: France, Belgium, Germany
Exit date: April 24, 2019 at the cinema
Gender: Animation, historian, detective story, adventure
Recommended age: Movies for everyone

Dilili in Paris is a Franco-Belgian-German animated film by Michel Ocelot, released in 2018. It tells the adventures of Dilili, a French-Kanake girl, in Belle Epoque Paris, where she searches together with Orel for the scooter driver to investigate the mysteriously missing girls, kidnapped by a network of bandits called Master Men.

Set in the City of Light, the story follows a young girl named Dilili who arrives from New Caledonia and is drawn into a mysterious plot that will take her through the upper and lower districts of Paris. In her research she is accompanied by a delivery boy, Orel, who seems to know personally all the most important figures of the period, from Marie Curie to Marcel Proust to Louis Pasteur to Toulouse-Lautrec and introduces her little detective friend to a number of thinkers and creators . A secret society known as the Master Men appears in the plot that has kidnapped young girls across the city. Dilili and Orel set out to stop them, following the clues given by the artists they meet along the way and guided by the voice of opera legend Emma Calve.

Dilili is a young girl of French-Kanake origins who participates in the human zoo of the Universal Exposition in the Paris of the Belle Epoque. Orel, a scooter driver, meets Dilili and she tells him her story: she has two French ancestors and Kanak, she was educated by Madame Michel (who is none other than Louise Michel), and on her arrival in Paris, she met a Countess who taught her good manners. Orel proposes to Dilili to walk in Paris aboard his scooter while he makes his deliveries. Enthusiastic, Dilili discovers the streets and squares of Paris, where they will meet many famous historical figures such as Marie Curie, the singer friend Emma Calv , who loves to sing on the underground lake that extends under the Opera Garnier and the writer Marcel Proust in company of his friend Reynaldo Hahn. The girl will write down in her notebook the names of the celebrities she will meet. Dilili is attracted by the news of the newspapers displayed in the newsstands, which tell of girls who are regularly kidnapped by a network of bandits who sign their crimes with the name of "Masters Men". Dilili immediately decides to investigate to find the missing girls. She herself is the victim of a first attempted kidnapping in a public garden, which she manages to escape thanks to the arrival of Orel: it will be necessary to be cautious. The investigation leads Dilili and Orel to the Moulin du Diable, in Montparnasse, in the poor neighborhoods where they are not well received. They cross the fence, but are attacked by a rabid mastiff who bites Orel and risks transmitting a disease to him. Dilili puts Orel on his scooter and goes down the slope to the Institut Pasteur, where he begs Louis Pasteur to vaccinate Orel. Once out of danger, the investigation can resume. Pasteur and his entourage give new directions to the duo of investigators. Then they go to the wash ship, a building that houses many painters of the moment. There, they learn that bandits meet regularly in front of the Moulin Rouge shows. Dilili meets Colette, then a painter and the painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, who helps them locate two male masters. While observing their conversation, Dilili discovers that they are preparing to rob a jewelry store with equipment that one of the bandits will recover "at the gate of hell".

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Dilili in ParisDilili in Paris

Dilili in Paris
Dilili in Paris

Dilili in Paris
Dilili in Paris

Dilili in Paris
Dilili in Paris

Dilili in Paris
Dilili in Paris

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