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After Dare Devil Marvel Comics relaunches in the world of cinema, Elektra the charming companion of the "Red Devil", dedicating an action film to him, focusing on the inner conflicts of the protagonist.
In the comic version, Elektra had considerable success thanks to the version of Frank Miller. Here Elektra Nachos is a charming Greek supervillain, former flame of Matt Murdock, who is drafted to kill Devil by the psychopath Bullseye. Elektra acknowledges Dare Devil and refuses to kill him, but for this she is punished with death. This will mark a deep wound in Matt's heart. The success of this character is such that he later won his own title in a miniseries divided into eight albums entitled Elektra: Assasin.
always interpreted by the splendid Jennifer Garner as in the previous one Dare devil, we find a revived In Rob Bowman's film sElektra who is brought back to life by the master of the White Ninja Stick. Elektra is a woman thirsty for revenge, as she saw the killing of her father under her eyes and this big trauma, despite the disciplines of self-control, leads her to deep inner conflicts. Elektra like the Greek goddess, thanks to the Stick techniques, has also developed some gifts of foresight, called "Kimagure" and not infrequently he happens to have hallucinations that predict the future. The hatred she has inside is so great that she decides to escape from the monastery of the white ninja, to be enrolled in the Black Ninja, in the criminal organization called "The Hand", to become a professional killer in order to vent her grudge. . After a long series of murders, Elektra's next victim must be Mark Miller, guilty of having betrayed the critical organization of "The Hand". In addition to Mark Elektra he will also have to eliminate his daughter Abbey and this leads her to identify with that girl and to remember the figure of her father. Feelings of protection will arise towards them, which will lead her to leave the group of Black Ninja to defend Mark and Abbey from their hitmen. Elektra will then have to face powerful enemies, with superpowers such as the half demon Thyphoid Mary, Kirigi, Tattoo, Stone and Kinkou. Thanks to her extraordinary fighting technique, the use of her daggers and the skills of foreseeing the future, Elektra will be able to defeat her enemies.
The final result of the film will give greater prominence to the action scenes, the dynamic shots and the body beauty of the protagonist, but the interesting theme of the inner conflict of Elektra, will be developed only in a minimal part.

Original title: Electronics
Country: Use
Year: 2005
Gender: Action
Duration: 120 '
Directed by: Rob Bowman
Official site:
Production: Marvel Enterprises, Regency Enterprises, 20th Century Fox, Horseshoe Bay Productions, New Regency Pictures
Distribution: 20th Century Fox
Exit : 04 February 2005

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