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Fantastic FourAfter the various films on comic superheroes (see Spiderman, X-men, Daredevil, Batman, Electronics , Hulk etc ...), the group of Fantastic Four, the Marvel super-heroes made in 1961 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The film was directed by Tim Story and produced by 20th Century Fox, which used a considerable dose of special effects and 3D computer graphics animators, to make a film where the protagonists possess extraordinary and impossible abilities. The film tells the story of the group's origins, already illustrated in the first book of the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four - Mister FantasticTo tell the truth there are some inconsistencies, between the film and the comic version; in fact in the film we notice that the figure of Doctor Doom (Doctor Doom from the comics) is very different. In the comics he is a scientist with an intelligence equal to that of Reed Richards, masking his face from burns from a wrong experiment, while in the film he is a wealthy unscrupulous businessman who has acquired superpowers, also with cosmic rays just like the Fantastic Four. The rest of the story is similar: the scientist Reed Richards (played by Ioan Gruffudd), together with his girlfriend Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), his friend Ben Grimm and Sue's brother, Johnny Storm, decide to embark on a scientific mission in space, to study a storm of cosmic rays.The Fantastic Four - The invisible woman The mission is financed by the entrepreneur Doctor Doom, who participates in the journey and hopes that this scientific discovery will allow him to earn many dollars by selling medicines. Once in the cosmos, the spaceship is hit by a shower of cosmic rays, which changes the DNA of the entire crew. Back on earth, scientists notice the particular mutations of their body. Reed Richards transforms into a rubber man, who can extend any part of his body for several meters, his new name will be Mister Fantastic. Sue Storm becomes invisible with the power of thought alone and can create virtually indestructible force fields. The Fantastic Four - The Human TorchThe young Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) acquires the power to make his body become incandescent and control fire hence he will take the name of "The human torch"; his body will be able to reach temperatures close to those of a supernova star. Ben Grimm (Michael Ciklis) becomes a monstrous being, covered with rock and endowed with a superhuman strength, equal to that of a thousand men, will take the name of "The Thing" because its physical appearance will have very little of human. Doctor Doom's project, therefore, goes up in smoke, as well as the money and this will lead to a deep hatred for Reed Richard and the Fantastic Four, The Fantastic Four - The ThingVictor von Doom himself (played by Julian McMahon) will acquire the power of electricity and will cover his face with an iron mask, as he is disfigured by mutations. The classic battle will then open with Doctor Doom on the one hand, with his new powers and his machines trying to dominate the world and on the other the Fantastic Four, who will try to stop him with their super powers.
Unfortunately the film does not go beyond the spectacular special effects and some humorous scenes, because everything is very stereotyped: the script appears very obvious and flat, the characters lack that personality that made them famous in the world of comics, such as self-irony. by Ben Grimm and the gags with Johnny Storm, not to mention the brilliant Mister FantasticThe Fantastic Four - Doctor Doom who in the film appears as a wimp. And to think that the production had a processing time of 10 years, many have passed since the acquisition of the rights to the characters. Noteworthy is the presence of Stan Lee himself (the author) in the role of postman Willie Lupkin and the excellent soundtrack. This is yet another demonstration that at times, the magic that comic characters can give, made with poor means such as paper and India ink, far exceeds the very expensive special effects of computer graphics and cinema, a sign that are the beautiful ideas that work beyond the means of expression used.


Fantastic Four
Original title: Fantastic Four
Country: Use
Year: 2005
Gender: Action / Sci-Fi
Duration: 120 '
Directed by: Tim Story
Official site:
Production: 20th Century Fox, 1492 Pictures, Constantin Film Produktion GmbH, Marvel Enterprises, Universal Pictures
Distribution: 20th Century Fox
Exit : September 16, 2005 (cinema)


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